In an ever changing world there always seems to be the newest and best coming out every other week! On the wave of the future is the E-Book. Online books have been around for a few years now as technology has changed the face of cell phones with all touch screens and newer, faster technology inside. But since the arrival of the sophisticated smart phone the demand for conveniences that come along with it has drastically increased. For those on the go, it is more convenient to purchase an online book than it is to go into a bookstore and buy a hardcover copy of the same book. In the same gust of wind that is blowing in the newest fads and easiest conveniences, there now comes the digital magazine. Again, as with the e-book, the digital magazine is also known as the e-zine has been around for years now. But now it is becoming the newest way to go! Instead of going to the grocery store and purchasing the latest magazine of your choice, you can now get them in an online magazine. A website that is the epitome of the newest and best is .

What are the conveniences of the e-book and e-zine? One of the best reasons to go with e-books or e-zines is that it will NEVER sell out. When is the last time you walked into a bookstore and tried to get the newest book that you have been but when you get there the shelf is empty and now what do they tell you when you ask for the magazine or book? The store staff tells you it is only available on their website! No more do you have to wait in long checkout lines, brave the weather, or take time out of your busy schedule to purchase a book or magazine. While e-books are ahead of the curve with popularity, the e-zine is quickly coming up. But as these new conveniences are quickly becoming the easiest and best way to read the latest, there are still MANY skeptics. These pessimists still seem to believe that an online book is not a real book. What they fail to realize is that an e-book can have clickable links that can show you videos and send you to a specific website for more information. What could possibly be greater than an interactive book that gets you more for your money? How about reading a magazine on your cell phone or ipad with the same conveniences as an ebook? If you were an advertiser wouldn’t you want to buy the advertisement that lasts forever online than a print ad that goes away in thirty-days?

The online magazine is going to be the newest and greatest of the world of smart phones and conveniences. But as the same with the e-book, there aren’t that many that are trying to stay ahead and get on the newest wave. A website that is incessant on staying ahead of the curve is . An online magazine doesn’t disappear off of the shelves and every month it comes out it is still going to be available in the following months. For instance if you are a fan of Vogue magazine, the June issue is only going to be available for June and June alone. An online magazine stays available for longer than a typical magazine. As print sales are lowering it is still taking advertisers time to come to grips with the fact that this IS the way of the future. It is taking them longer to understand the full potential of advertising in an online magazine. As with a magazine purchased in stores, you can browse the ads, but you have to go to another store to purchase those items that are advertised, or go online to do the same. But imagine a magazine that readers can browse from their phones, iPads, and notebooks and your advertisement and purchase conversion is now ONLY A CLICK AWAY!

Fit and Firm Magazine understands that this is the wave of the future and that online magazines are the new way to go! Fit and Firm magazine’s goal is to bring fitness and fashion together in a fluid cohesive movement. Fit and Firm Magazine is the perfect example of going digital before it has become the way of fitness magazines. is going to start taking the online fitness world by storm while taking the partnership of fitness and fashion to the next level. Advertisers need to understand the value of having their advertisements in digital publications such as . While other fitness publications are stuck in the stone age of paper and print, there are still others that are staying ahead of everyone else and will be there on the ground floor when online magazines becomes the biggest thing!