“From Spectacular Staging with Concert Music and Lighting, This one has it all!”

The Fitness Atlantic Championship is one of the largest fitness, model, and bikini shows there is for both the experienced and beginning athletes.

Since 1999 the Fitness Atlantic provides all fitness goal achievers a chance to shine!

With a consistently sold-out audiences, national exposure and production standards designed to make every contestant feel like a star, the Fitness Atlantic is like no other event you will ever witness!

This is certain to be the most personally rewarding event you can enter. Now you can Turn Fitness Professional, Win Awesome Prizes, and Get the Opportunities You Deserve.

One great thing about Fitness Atlantic is that “Everyone is a Winner!”

Brian Cannone began his full-time career in the fitness industry in 1991 and continues to operate health clubs in today. His experience in this business has lead him to run many successful gyms and health club chains and his responsibilities have included building new facilities, hiring and managing staff, marketing, daily membership sales, personal training, and club marketing and promotion. He has also worked certified as a personal trainer, nutrition consultant, and group cycling instructor.

In 1993 Brian went into promoting fitness events with enthusiasm and a very genuine love for the sport. His approach and feelings about physique events is that it is not only an event but more of a way to motivate yourself and others to achieve results of losing body-fat and gaining lean muscle along with improving overall health.

By entering a fitness show you push yourself to be in your best possible shape of your life.

In fact, he believes that it is more about the results you gain then the trophy you may take home with you. This is an event that the contestants can’t loose for it is their physique that is the trophy and the process of getting into great shape that is the reward.