Thursday April 20th, 2023

Red Carpet, Media day
and Athlete Meeting

Friday April 21th, 2023

6PM Transformation Show

Saturday April 22th, 2023

10 AM Morning Show
6PM Finals Gala


Dear Goal Achiever,

Are you ready to challenge yourself to the biggest fitness change in your life? Would you like to know how it feels to have a live audience of thousands of people see the determination you’ve given to your newly toned body? Have you ever wished you could show your friends, family, and peers what’s possible when you put your mind, body, and spirit into making a positive fitness change?

If so…

Then NOW is the time to sign up for the Fitness Atlantic

Hi. My name’s Brian Cannone and I’d like to invite you to an event that will change your life.

Even though there are prizes for this event, like

Qualification for the WBFF Worlds as a “Professional Fitness Model”
Professional photo shot with a world-renowned fitness magazine photographer
Fit & Firm Magazine

…These are NOT the goals for this event.

In fact, these prizes are hardly a factor for the HUNDREDS of men and women who sign up
and share the stage with you.

The real “prize” for this event is the personal satisfaction you will feel throughout your entire body when you get in front of a live audience and show them your hard work. Imagine getting on stage and being featured at one of the World’s Most Luxurious Venues with the most Spectacular Lighting and Sound Shows in the industry.

Now when I say it will be hard work…
I mean it. This won’t be easy.


Become a Contestant Today


This is a personally rewarding opportunity that gives contestants a chance to shine and features production standards unlike any other in the fitness industry. Contestants will proudly walk the stage dressed in swimsuits and bikinis, themed-wear that that has included featured peacocks and winged angels, and beautiful gowns. This is one of the largest fitness model, and bikini shows there is for both the experienced and beginning athletes. From Spectacular Staging with Concert Music and Lighting, This one has it all!

Participants come from all over the world to compete for the prestigious titles and prizes offered
and the opportunity to shoot with some of the most published fitness photographers in the
country including meeting Rodney Jang Editor of Status Fitness Magazine.

“Since 1999, the Fitness Atlantic event has provided fitness models a
chance to shine,” explains Brian Cannone, event producer of Fitness
Atlantic. “Contestants are part of the ‘Best of the Best’ in the categories
that include Transformation, Female Diva Fitness Model and Diva Bikini
Models, Male Fitness Models, Women’s Figure and Male Muscle Models.”

One great thing about Fitness Atlantic is that "Everyone is a Winner!" In fact, it is more about the results you gain then the trophy you may take home with you. Fitness Atlantic has more of a pageant feel and draws attention of fitness models from the entire New England market and beyond.

Spectators cheer for their favorite fitness models while getting inspired by seeing the results of their hard work through proper exercise and nutrition including the popular transformation Division.

We invite you to join us.

This is about making this a life-changing special day for yourself regardless if you are trying to win by competing or simply competing with yourself to become better.

stand on the most
incredible stage

in one of the world's
greatest venues on the planet.

Female and male fitness models and athletic enthusiasts from around the world will gather at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut for the Annual Fitness Atlantic.

From concerts to sporting events, the action is non-stop at the Northeast’s premier entertainment destination Mohegan Sun radiates excitement every night as celebrated stars light up its stages with electrifying performances.

The world-class gaming and entertainment destination has hosted the best of every generation and genre – from Aerosmith to Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, Prince, Michael Bublé, Kings of Leon and Jay Z.

Mohegan Sun is now ranked consistently among the top venues in the world according to Billboard Magazine, Pollstar and Venues Today.

The Mohegan Sun Host
the Fitness Atlantic

We are offering a special discount rate ONLY to those attending the Fitness Atlantic Championships. If you would like to cash in on this special offer click the link below to get your SPECIAL DISCOUNT RATE.


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Transformation Show Admission
10am Morning Show Admission
6pm Finals Gala
Transformation Show

FRIDAY 4/21/2023

(6pm - 9:30pm)

Preliminaries ticket image
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Morning Show

SATURDAY 4/22/2023

(10am - 2pm)

Finals Gala VIP ticket image
Ticketmaster logo
Finals Gala

SATURDAY 4/22/2023

(6pm - 9:30pm)

Finals ticket image
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The Cabaret Theatre
Cabaret Seating


Tiered seating for 400 with a permanent stage visible from every seat in the house!

Thinking about getting on stage?

“From Spectacular Staging with Concert Music and Lighting, This one has it all!”

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Sometimes you notice a model give credit to the Make Up Artist with the letters MUA. In the fitness modeling industry it is critical you hire the right team for make up and hair including spray tanning services.

These teams are here for you!

Super experienced and will give you the "look" needed for stage and backstage for photo shoots.

Click Here For More Info Good News! You can now book your hair & Makeup AND Tanning with Tiffany Larson with one contact person email


Why should you get spray tanned professionally before a physique show?

Here are some of the key reasons why you show use get spray tanned before a show:

It defines muscle

Muscles appear more prominent on darker skin than on lighter skin tones, so fake tanning is a clever way to increase muscle definition without making any effort.

It creates the illusion of a slimmer profile

A spray tan helps you look even leaner.

It covers up stretch marks

Sunless tan covers up these marks and other blemishes by evening out the skin tone. A balanced complexion appears attractive under competition lights and ensures that all eyes are on the muscle rather than on scars and blemishes.

Click Here For More Info Good News! You can now book your hair & Makeup AND Tanning with Tiffany Larson with one contact person email


this is HUGE part of the show unlike any other event in the industry




Facebook Profile and Timeline Graphic
Instagram Post Graphic

Each early registered contestant will be provided with your own Fitness Atlantic Social Media promotional banner. Once registered for the show. Be sure to include a photo we can use for your banner.


Why should I consider entering Fitness Atlantic How is it different from any other out there?

Why is this show different from any other federation or organization out there to date?
We will utilize our relationships with all our partners to create sponsorship and marketing opportunities for the contestants and all of its members, in an industry that is constantly growing. This event is second to none and they are the most professionally produced show in the industry.

Who can compete in this event?

Any individuals at any level are invited to compete in our events. Any questions you have pertaining to your competition prep will be provided to you.

If I win an amateur category will I obtain “Pro Status”?

A contestant who enters in our show and wins the overall in an open division class once decided by judges will obtain professional status, and be awarded their WBFF Pro Card if they display the qualities of a WBFF Pro.

Are contestants allowed to use props and costumes?

Yes in certain divisions, we encourage our contestants to be creative in order to add entertainment value to the event. However the specific types of props and costumes must be approved by the WBFF prior to any show. There are no types of confetti permitted for the stage performance due to health and safety hazards.

I would like to compete in both Figure Model and Fitness Model, will I have enough time to do both?

Yes you will have time to compete in both Figure and Fitness Model either Fitness Model or Bikini Model. Contestants can do crossovers. Transformation Challenge is not considered as a crossover category.

For all questions please email us directly and we look forward to assisting you.


ENTER THE SHOW Become a Contestant Today