Dear Contestant,

Below you will find the RULES we have shared since 2018 and these go out many times in emails to contestants. Find this as a reminder that Beauty Services are part of any WBFF Show.

The show services of Photography, Tanning, and Hair & Make Up are considered part of the show. There cannot be outside vendors offering these services.

A common question is “Can we have someone else do our make-up?” The answer is NO and that you cannot hire and pay another person or company to do your make-up.

The main reason for rules on beauty services is the fact this is a 4 Star Hotel and things like spray tanning machines are not allowed in hotel rooms or public restrooms. Make-up artists cannot set up a shop in a hotel room and offer show services like Tanning, Hair, and Makeup or Photography Packages.

Please understand the importance of why we ask these things of our athletes.

If you have already set up your appointments for spray tanning and hair and make-up for Fitness Atlantic, thank you! And thank you for helping us keep this event organized.

Here are some important rules that need to be followed or you may be disqualified or simply not judged while you are on stage.

  1. You are not to be anywhere in the casino or any other public location in a swimsuit. Keep in mind that you are representing this event and at all times you are expected to be dressed professionally. After your spray tan, loose-fitting clothes are required, especially right afterward, however, please keep it classy. Anyone found not following this rule may be disqualified. We do not want to see you anywhere besides the dressing room or on the stage in a swimsuit.
  2. You cannot hire another company and pay anyone to come to the venue and do your tan, makeup, or professional photography.
  3. You must also use the Official Companies for tanning, makeup, and hair services. These teams are experienced and will give you the “look” needed for the stage and the only people allowed backstage for touch-ups. Anyone found not following this rule may be disqualified.
  4. No one is to be applying makeup, lotion, tanning spray, oils, hair products, etc…in public, in the audience, around the casino, or in public hotel/casino bathrooms. Anyone found not following this rule will be disqualified immediately.
  5. No trainers or coaches are to provide tanning or beauty services for their team or individual contestants. Anyone found not following this rule may be disqualified, as well as, all the members of their team.
  6. No hiring or bringing your own photographer. Only the “Official” photographers – Period. This also means no professional cameras, flash, or recording devices are permitted by spectators. You can take selfies and we encourage cell phone cameras but if someone uses a big removable lens SLR camera they will be asked to leave the casino by security.
  7. No Coaches or Trainers Backstage. This even goes for Pros who sneak backstage to see some friends. The more people backstage who don’t have an official job to help run the show only distract everyone. This is the first and last warning. We do get asked daily by Pros that want to either judge or pass out the trophies. This show has a very long-running history and only a small group of staff is needed for the production. The office staff has been notified and will have the proper badges to show security.

Thank You for Understanding,

Fitness Atlantic Producers