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Frequently Asked Questions 

How much money is it to enter? 
This depends on how many divisions you enter. Please start the process of filling out the Entry Fee and it will calculate the total for you here:

When is the Entry Fee due? 
Two weeks before the event you must have paid the entry fee.

What is the Event Schedule? 
Here is a link to the schedule

Which divisions or classes should you enter? 
To help decide you should read through the Pre Show Report

Hair, Make Up and Show Tanning are offered only by the official companies listed below and contestants may not bring or hire other people or companies for these services. 

Any question referring to Hair and Make Up.

Any question about Show Spray Tanning.

Any question of Show Stage and Photo Shoot Packages.

How do you get tickets?

Is there a hotel discount? 
Yes a great discount but you must to through our website for the reservation page.
Sometimes people still want to call Mohegan Sun and the code is likely under BeFit19 for the our hotel rates.