Enjoy the Finer Things in Life and Eat Well!

by Brian Cannone Think broiled fish and steamed brown rice and vegetables instead of a cheeseburger from a fast food joint – eat like a king and queen – feast over the best foods of quality and change your mind over junk food When you are trying to lose weight and to... READ MORE

Finding An Endorsement Contract

Tell Them Why Hiring You Is A Good Idea Among fitness professionals, the most common goal is to find an endorsement contract. However, the success rate that fitness professionals actually attain an endorsement contract isn’t very great. Why is this? Many make the... READ MORE

Your Website and Your Fitness Brand

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Is Second Place Still a Winner?

By Brian Cannone If there is something that personal trainers and fitness experts hate to hear it is the phrase “second place is for losers”. They hate this because anyone involved in fitness modeling, bodybuilding shows, and personal training understands... READ MORE

Are You Training or just Working Out

by John Barban Adonis Method If you’ve been paying attention to the diet and fitness industry you’ll notice that different workout styles come in and out of vogue. Most recently cross fit has become popular, but it will fade in time just like many other styles like... READ MORE

What is Your Ideal Body Proportion?

Have you ever wondered how you can tell when something is out of proportion? >>See what a true golden ratio looks like<< I’m sure you’ve seen a person who seems like their arms are just too short…or their legs are really short, or they... READ MORE