Eat First Thing

By Brian Cannone Don’t wait to eat. Start as soon as you wake up- kick starting your metabolism – don’t wait to eat your first meal – egg whites, oatmeal fruit and water right away – don’t do anything else first. When you were a child what was one of the most popular... READ MORE

Being Your Own Fitness Publicist

The first thing that should be going through your mind when you are entering into a professional fitness career is your ultimate goal. What is your ultimate goal? This is the number one question that you need to have an answer to. If you do not know what your goal is... READ MORE

Competitor Or Fitness Brand?

by Brian Cannone This is Jack LaLanne… He started off as a physique competitor. And here is Tony Horton who has actually never competed (well, he is the guy pointing at me): Most physique contestants are personal trainers and are looking for ways to market their... READ MORE

How to Choose the Right Workout Finisher

By Mike Whitfield, CTT Author, Workout Finishers I am now back on a total body workout with a metabolic finisher after doing an upper lower-split program for 3 weeks. I will explain to you how I chose the right metabolic finisher in just a little bit, but first I’m... READ MORE

How To Get Published In The Fitness Industry

Part 1: Sit your ass down and write By Lou Schuler I’ve been a writer my entire adult life. I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism and nine-tenths of a master’s degree in professional writing. I’ve written millions of words, been gainfully employed in publishing... READ MORE