Your Website and Your Fitness Brand

When you are trying to achieve a goal in any career that puts you in the spotlight you are going to need your own website. This is especially true in the fitness profession! You want to put your name out there and you want people to be able to look you up! Now, there... READ MORE

Is Second Place Still a Winner?

By Brian Cannone If there is something that personal trainers and fitness experts hate to hear it is the phrase “second place is for losers”. They hate this because anyone involved in fitness modeling, bodybuilding shows, and personal training understands... READ MORE

Being Your Own Fitness Publicist

The first thing that should be going through your mind when you are entering into a professional fitness career is your ultimate goal. What is your ultimate goal? This is the number one question that you need to have an answer to. If you do not know what your goal is... READ MORE

How To Get Published In The Fitness Industry

Part 1: Sit your ass down and write By Lou Schuler I’ve been a writer my entire adult life. I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism and nine-tenths of a master’s degree in professional writing. I’ve written millions of words, been gainfully employed in publishing... READ MORE

Bodybuilding Posing Instruction

Bodybuilding Competition Posing By Brian Cannone of The comparison posing phase of a bodybuilding competition is called “Pre-judging” and is held before the Finals. The pre-judging event is conducted using standard poses. Judging panels are... READ MORE

Why Competition is Good

by Brian Cannone Did you know that as someone who is involved in fitness modeling and bodybuilding shows that you can compete in more than one way? You can compete against others, but you can also compete against yourself. In fact, it is this second type of... READ MORE