Enjoy the Finer Things in Life and Eat Well!

by Brian Cannone Think broiled fish and steamed brown rice and vegetables instead of a cheeseburger from a fast food joint – eat like a king and queen – feast over the best foods of quality and change your mind over junk food When you are trying to lose weight and to... READ MORE

Are You Training or just Working Out

by John Barban Adonis Method If you’ve been paying attention to the diet and fitness industry you’ll notice that different workout styles come in and out of vogue. Most recently cross fit has become popular, but it will fade in time just like many other styles like... READ MORE

Eat First Thing

By Brian Cannone Don’t wait to eat. Start as soon as you wake up- kick starting your metabolism – don’t wait to eat your first meal – egg whites, oatmeal fruit and water right away – don’t do anything else first. When you were a child what was one of the most popular... READ MORE

Fiber Burns Calories

By Brian Cannone Eating high fiber is great because fiber takes energy for your body to process which burns more calories The process in which your body uses energy to burn calories and fat is one of the most efficient ways your body loses weight. Now you need to... READ MORE