by Brian Cannone

Whether you have set yourself the goal of building the “perfect” body in order to become a competitive bodybuilder or to do some fitness modeling is unimportant. What matters is that you don’t let anyone else tell you what “perfect” means. This is not as easy as it sounds because some people believe that their training has to be “by the book” or according to what a few “experts” have said about the way that they build their body.

For instance, the website FitnessAtlanic mentions several major “sins” that people commit when doing fitness and strengthening and one of the worst is that “human nature always wants to out do itself”, and that means that you may be told that this rep or that machine is the way to a perfect body, but you won’t actually know if you are improving matters.

How do you meet a goal of building the perfect body then? Let’s use the example of someone preparing for fitness modeling…they would have to understand what sorts of work would be feasible for their condition and looks, and they would have to then understand if any changes are necessary for improving matters. This means that they have to actually begin by writing down their current routines, weight, measurements, goals, etc. It also means that they have to track and document what they do as well.

A lot of people fail to ever get close to their goals simply because they never bothered to actually identify them. So, you want to do fitness modeling, but does that mean you need to improve your glutes a bit? Maybe your arms are not ideally suited for that type of modeling? It is only by identifying the issues and goals that you will aim for that you can set out on the road to achieving them.

Remember too that only you can jot down all of the notes and then use them to get the numbers or results necessary. Consider that a standard journal is going to have such basic items as how much sleep you got the night before, what times of day you do your routines, how long you stretch or warm up (if at all), and all of the specifics about what you did, where you did it, what you ate that day, who your training partners were, and more.
Obviously, this all adds up to a simple thing – getting your perfect body starts with YOU deciding what you want, and them aiming for those goals.