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Primary Muscle


Secondary Muscle

Shoulders, Triceps

Equipment Needed

Hammer Strength Incline

Mechanics Type


Proper Exercise Technique

The hammer decline press is a two-joint motion exercise designed to target the chest muscles, primarily the sternal Pectoralis Major. A hammer strength incline bench provides much more balance and control than do free weights.

Adjust seat for comfort of movement. Can set on the high side but not on the low side. Low seat creates a strange movement pattern through the shoulder and elbow. Trainees does often round their shoulders at the conclusion of the movement or arch their back during the exercise. While some protracting of the shoulders and maintaining of the natural curve of your back is good, excessive movement can de detrimental. Both arching the back and excessive protracting of the shoulders will keep the muscles of the chest in a shortened position. This will reduce the ability of the muscle to produce the most amount of force, and thus reduce efficiency.

Hammer Decline Press Machine