Eat, Train, Grow, Repeat

By Brian Cannone There is a huge amount of inconsistency in the world of information surrounding exercises and diet. If you are into fitness modeling or bodybuilding shows you already know that what “works” for someone else is not necessarily going to work... READ MORE

3 Unique Cheat Day “Tricks”

You Can Use These Tricks to Dramatically ACCELERATE Your Fat Loss By: Shaun Hadsall Author of The 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan Believe it or not, Strategic Cheat days, Structured Re-feeds, and Strategic Binging can be the ultimate weapons of physical and psychological... READ MORE

Getting Ripped and Shredded Quickly 

by Brian Cannone Okay, this brief discussion on getting “ripped and shredded quickly,” is not going to be a brief “infomercial” for some sort of miracle machine or dietary supplement. It is going to tell you the common sense approach to getting... READ MORE

Broiled, Boiled, Baked, Grilled, or Steamed?

By Brian Cannone You just finished doing some fitness modeling and are headed out to a meal with some of the other models. They all head to a place that does great seafood, and as you sit down at the table you get into a huge debate about the right way to ingest your... READ MORE