Master Trainer Dolvett Quince

Dolvett Quince is 38 years old from Stamford, Connecticut and has been a personal trainer for over twelve years. Quince resides in both Atlanta, Georgia and Los Angeles, California, which gives him access to a celebrity clientele. Some of his notable celebrity clients... READ MORE

The Digital Magazine

In an ever changing world there always seems to be the newest and best coming out every other week! On the wave of the future is the E-Book. Online books have been around for a few years now as technology has changed the face of cell phones with all touch screens and... READ MORE

Image Is Everything; Be Marketable

by Brian Cannone We live in a society where your abilities and skills land in a ‘solid’ second place. Then what is the first place? Appearance; your image is everything. Of course, after you have passed the first round then your abilities, skills, strengths and... READ MORE

Fitness Expo Exhibitor Booths

As a company that focuses on the fitness industry there are many things you can do to help promote your company and/or product. One way that companies can showcase their efforts and products is by attending a fitness event! It isn’t just about a booth at a show, but... READ MORE