Fitness Atlantic Show Hair and Makeup Special


She knows first hand the importance of always looking your best when competing, as she has always done her own hair and makeup for every show she has competed in.

Fitness Atlantic 2018 Spray Tanning

Muscles appear more prominent on darker skin than on lighter skin tones, so fake tanning is a clever way to increase muscle definition without making any effort.

Sunless tan covers up marks and other blemishes by evening out the skin tone. A balanced complexion appears attractive under competition lights and ensures that all eyes are on the muscle rather than on scars and blemishes.

Fitness Atlantic Championships Photography

The Fitness Atlantic team is excited to welcome back for the fourth consecutive year – the Status Fitness team! We have been fortunate to have a professional media provider attend our shows. This is an opportunity unavailable at any other show in the WBFF schedule. Editor-in-Chief, Rodney Jang will be in attendance. Rodney brings with him a wealth of knowledge and he will speak at the athlete meeting after registration. This is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. Also with Rodney, we will have celebrity cover photographer David Ford. David has been with the WBFF since they started and brings an enormous talent behind the camera. He has worked with top competitors including Chady Dunmore, Nicole Costa, Jennifer Nicole Lee and many others in the WBFF family. Status Fitness team photographer and feature photographer Ali Sohrab will once again be at this show. Ali has a very creative approach to his work which is clear in his shoots – both private and backstage.

This is going to be an exciting event and the sky is the limit for each of you. Please read on for more information on the various opportunities.