The first thing that should be going through your mind when you are entering into a professional fitness career is your ultimate goal. What is your ultimate goal? This is the number one question that you need to have an answer to. If you do not know what your goal is you will find that you are not going to make it very far in any career path you choose. You have to have an end in sight. You must know what you want and know exactly what it takes for you to go after it. For many fitness professionals their ultimate goal is to be published in a magazine or to achieve a certain level of notoriety. If this is your goal you do not even have to win an event to achieve this! It’s all about publicity! It’s about taking your name and your career and putting yourself out there for people to see. This is definitely something you can accomplish.

You now have to ask yourself if you know what a publicist’s job truly is. Every celebrity has their own publicist they have hired to handle their publicity exclusively. These people are responsible for when this particular celebrity shows up on television, radio, billboards, and magazines. When you have gotten to this level of fame then you too, can hire your own publicist! But for the time being it is completely up to you to get to the level of fame you desire. It is about putting yourself out there and setting yourself apart from the rest. The more (positive) attention you bring to yourself, the more in demand you will become. The more in demand you are then you will see that you will be sought out for work, opposed to you persevering on your own.

Now, the first step in your publicity is to find out just what your niche is. What sets you APART from everyone else? This is perhaps the most crucial part of your publicity. How much time and thought you put into choosing your niche will ultimately determine your success or failure. If you just pick a niche willy nilly without truly knowing EVERYTHING there is to know about the niche, you will not make it far at all. The niche you choose should be an area in which you are an expert. With this niche you should know every nook and cranny, every angle, and all aspects of it. Sometimes all it takes to help set you apart is the knowledge of your niche. People look to an expert, when you make yourself an expert in your area AND take care of your own publicity you will most certainly draw eyes to you! Your niche is a key component in your success. It also helps you to choose a niche that isn’t as publicized as another area might be. The more known fitness niches already have hundreds of other professionals fighting for publicity and getting THEIR name out there. If you have chosen the road less traveled by, you will notice that you get more attention than those who all travel down the same path. Spectators like seeing something new! If you make yourself the next big thing people will lose interest in the same old fitness niches.

After you have decided just what your niche is you now have to put in work to get your publicity up and going. This means you need to put yourself out there on social networks and get your own website. The social networks like Twitter and Facebook help give people a chance to relate to you and your fitness, it gives them a chance to connect with you and learn from you! This is the purpose of having a professional Twitter and Facebook account. When you get your own website you can take the traffic that comes through your social network accounts and redirect them to your website. With your own website, when someone uses a search engine and types in your name your website will come up! The more people you get going to your social networks and to your website, the more people will know your name and the more attention you will generate for yourself.

Everyone can find ways to gain publicity! It all comes down to just how hard you are willing to work and just how good you are at doing what you do! Arnold Schwarzenegger did not get to the level of fame he did by not knowing his niche and not knowing everything there is to know about it. Arnold was an EXPERT in fitness. The more attention he got by winning fitness competitions and writing books about his fitness area of expertise, the more in demand he became. The same goes for you! The more you know in your field, the more people will want to see you! You have to learn how to draw more positive attention to you. This means being on your social network sites ALL of the time. You need to be posting new information on your fitness niche and about yourself. The more you post on accounts like Twitter, the higher your chance at a lot of people taking notice. When people notice and take interest in what you are posting, more traffic has now been drawn to your social network page and then to your website. People do not become famous overnight. If fame is what you are seeking in the fitness profession, you have a long battle before you. You are fighting with every other fitness professional for the top position. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of publicity. If you do not overlook the publicity part but embrace the idea of it your success rate will be much higher than your competitors!

Everyone can find ways to gain publicity and that is by being an expert in a certain area