by Brian Cannone

Did you know that YOU might be ruining your chances for seeing great results from your gym workouts? How? There are many ways that people fail to generate adequate results, but the primary excuse for not seeing results in the gym is due to the fact that you haven’t set any goals in the first place!

Consider that a lot of fitness experts and those involved in the world of fitness modeling have to constantly “change up” their workouts because they know that this is the only way to retain the kind of definition, bulk or general level of strength that they have. They keep track of their routines and results in fitness journals or logs, and review them often enough to know if something is going off track.

This means that YOU have to also set some goals and then keep track of your efforts if you want to see results from the gym. We are not saying that you have to work to get the same physique as the top fitness models, but you can quickly get yourself seriously ripped or shredded if you just jot down the basic facts.

For instance: weight, measurements, time of day that you workout, whether you had a partner or spot, what sort of warm-ups you did, what sort of reps you did, etc. will all show progress or failure.

That leads us to the next issue that often causes people to fail to get the results they need, and that is not finding the right routine for their needs. Sure, you might do a few sets on a particular machine and feel fabulous, but if you are not tracking the results and ensuring that they are what you want, then it is wasted effort.

For instance, you may love doing a workout in the morning because it feels so great, but if you are looking in the journal and seeing that you actually perform much better in the evenings, then you have to take that data and work with it to obtain the results you need.

Finally, you may not see results in the gym because you haven’t set a deadline for meeting your goals. There is nothing like an upcoming deadline to motivate the heck of out of someone, and if you are aiming to have a specific “look” for a fitness modeling contest, the summer beach scene, or a bodybuilding show, then it is imperative that you create a timeline that gets you to the finish line!