By Brian Cannone

As someone involved in the body-oriented industry of fitness modeling and bodybuilding shows you already know how the competition “drives” you. Did you realize that you can radically increase your chances for success when you identify just who you are trying to beat and to then make targeted plans for winning.

For example, let’s say that you have enrolled in Connecticut’s premier fitness show, and that you go to the Fitness Atlantic website to check out the competition from the 2011 Fitness Atlantic Championships. You see that you definitely have the proverbial goods and that you are likely to be a strong contender, but there are a few shots that show you that you have room for improvement.

Do you just keep your standard routine and hope for the best? Not likely! If you are like most professionals involved in fitness modeling or bodybuilding shows, you are going to want to see yourself as the best of the best.
Thus, competition with the images and photographs of previous winners is driving someone to succeed. There is also the need to challenge oneself in order to succeed as well. For instance, there are many professional fitness experts who recommend that you keep a fitness and food journal. This is to ensure that you totally understand how and why you are reaching, or failing to reach, some of your goals.

This is also the place where you can use competition with previous “personal bests” to fully succeed at goals. The easiest example is to use your cardio exercises. Let’s say that you go to the gym and do a few miles on the treadmill each day. For a while you haven’t been paying much attention to the amount of time it takes to go a specific distance. If, however, you decided to compete with your usual pattern and do a four mile run in a specific amount of time you are setting some goals, but also setting yourself up to succeed.

Why? When you have goals (which is what you have when you compete – you have a goal of winning) you are going to be far more motivated to meet the goals. This is the essence of success.

We suggest that you create a journal or even a section of a journal to track the kinds of competition you are doing to ensure success. Whether it is with someone else or with yourself is not essential, it is simply that you are competing and really motivated.