As a competitor in a fitness event one of the many things you look forward to, other than winning your desired title, is the photography shoot out on Sunday morning and afternoon after the event. After the show the WBFF World Championships offer winners and chosen athletes the opportunity to shoot with photographers for magazine covers and spreads. Many competitors book photo shoots the day before for their personal portfolios and with the hope that those photos can one day be published. While you are there for the fitness event as a competitor it is very important that you maintain your best athlete side. To put it simply, you just never know if you have something that a particular magazine or fitness company is looking for. You need to maintain your PROFESSIONAL athlete attitude the entire course of the fitness event.

Fitness Atlantic is an example of a professional fitness company that is dedicated to helping an athlete reap the most benefits from an event. Every competitor should be booking photo shoots with different photographers prior to the event. This is not only important for your portfolio and for trying to get published; it is also very beneficial to your self-esteem! When you feel like a champion, whether or not your win your designated title, you ARE a champion. While the winners do get offers for magazines and spreads, there are many other competitors who are also chosen for the end of show photo shoots because they have something that the company or magazine is looking for. When this happens it allows the winners and other chosen competitors to achieve being published and being promoted in a very fun way. Fitness Atlantic strives for you, as an athlete, to get the best possible chance of achieving the goal you want.

A good way to eliminate nervousness is to get your photos done before the event. While you are in good shape you are always going to feel a little nervous. Whether your nerves be from pre-show jitters or being seen through a lens, getting it done ahead of time will greatly improve your confidence and rid yourself of any jitters or nervousness. It is important for you to maintain your professional athlete stature the ENTIRE time during competition, it is equally important that you relax. Judges, spectators and potential networks enjoy seeing someone who is not only relaxed in their demeanor but are also very professional at all times. When you have your photos done before the event, not only has your portfolio greatly improved so has your demeanor. After your photos have been taken it will relax you and you no longer will feel nervous onstage or in front of another photographic lens.

Yes, the winners are chosen for magazine covers and spreads. But do not overlook the fact that magazines and fitness companies are also looking for more than just the title holder. They are looking for attributes and qualities that are found in other competitors. There is great potential for more exposure than the actual winners! While you are after that title, if you do not win it there is still more for you to look forward to. After the show is over you can still be chosen for a photo shoot if you have a marketable look that a particular company is looking for. If you have what they are looking for that greatly increases your chances of being selected for a shoot. Whenever you are competing in a fitness show there are numerous opportunities for you to gain the exposure you desire!

As a competing athlete in a fitness event it is vital that you give yourself every advantage to not only take home the title you desire, but to gain the exposure you want and need. Every time you enter into a competition there is always a good chance for exposure. Companies like Fitness Atlantic help you get the most confidence prior to your event and help you put your best foot forward at all times during the competition. By booking photo shoots prior to the event you are gaining more for your portfolio and you are boosting your self-esteem and confidence. When you do this you are helping to get rid of all the pre-competition jitters and any other nervousness associated with being photographed. If at the end of competition you are not a winner but are selected for a shoot, the last thing you want to do is to be nervous in front of that lens. You do not want to hinder any chances of exposure and creating necessary associations with companies by appearing nervous. Even if you have a look that they are going for, if you cannot remain calm and confident in front of a lens they are just going to go find someone who is! Working with companies like Fitness Atlantic will always prove to be very beneficial for you as an athlete! Not only in the short term of the competition, but the long term as a competing athlete as well! Be sure to keep in mind that if you do not win the title you are competing for there is still a chance that a company or magazine can select you for a post-show photo shoot!