by Brian Cannone

When you are in the process of getting fit and losing weight every decision you makes will ultimately affect your results. From how often you work out, to the liquids you consume, down to the foods that you eat, and think about eating, all have a direct effect on your physical fitness and your health regimen. You have to make the right decisions in every aspect of your life and this is especially true when you are in training. A mistake that is commonly made is the misconceptions of dieting. Some people make the mistake of cutting out all carbohydrates out of their diet and eating foods with zero fat. While this will make you thin, this will not help you to stay thin nor help you to stay fit. It all comes down to balance. You have to balance your diet! This means consuming high fiber carbohydrates, low fat protein and healthy fats. Cutting out all of these foods will do damage to your health and fitness regimen. When you are eating properly and consuming the proper nutrients and vitamins you will find that it is much easier to lose weight, stay fit and maintain it!

There are generally two types of carbohydrates; good and bad. Refined flours and sugar are typically categorized as “bad” carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are bad for your system and will not help you with your weight loss. Consuming a lot of these carbohydrates will in fact hinder your ability to lose weight and to maintain a fit lifestyle. Foods that are high in starch and fiber are categorized as “good” carbohydrates. The best type of carbohydrates for you to consume are those that are high in fiber. High fiber carbohydrates have many beneficial factors for your body. Fiber contains many different nutrients and vitamins that are essential to your system. Fiber also helps your digestive system. When your digestive system is performing at its best you will find that your weight loss results will be greater. It is all about balance. People will make the mistake of cutting out all carbohydrates from their diet. You want to avoid this! You want to keep your body performing at its best and to stay on top of your fitness regimen.

Another factor that is essential for your diet is the consumption of protein. Protein is crucial when it comes to your diet. However, you have to be careful when it comes to protein. Not all protein is the best for your body to consume. The protein that is the best is protein that is low in fat. Protein is beneficial to your muscles and to your metabolism. When you eat the proper amount in the proper time span you will find that your metabolism is much faster. Low fat protein helps to rebuild your muscles and allows your body to absorb the right nutrients and vitamins that it needs for sustenance. You have to keep in mind that not all protein is good for you. While protein is very beneficial to your body and has been proven to help your body maintain fit and healthy at the proper level; there is such a thing as bad protein. Bad protein simply includes protein that is high in fat. Any foods that are high in fat are damaging to your body and to your weight loss goals. When you pick up a food that contains protein, always be sure to clarify just how much fat is included in that item. If the protein you have selected is low in fat: that is the perfect item to throw into your shopping cart and for your body to consume.

While there are people who believe that cutting out all fat is also beneficial to your body, it is quite the contrary. You might lose weight by cutting out fat, but by no means will you be at a healthy level nor will that weight be maintained. There is such a thing, believe it or not, as healthy fats. While fat is hard for your body to break down, fat contains vitamins and nutrients that are essential for your body. Just because fat is good for your body, that does NOT mean that you just consume fat on whim. You have to eat the right amount of fat and foods that are low in fat. You need to pay attention to the label of the foods you are purchasing. How much fat is contained? That is the number one question you should ask of every item you are considering for purchase. If the item is low in fat, it is usually an item that should be considered for purchasing.

The number one thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to eat with a balance! There is no such thing as eating anything you want and losing weight and staying fit. There is also no such thing as cutting out all of your essential nutrients and vitamins from your diet and stay healthy. You need to have balance. There should be balance in the foods you are eating. From fat, to protein, to carbohydrates, it all comes down to balance. Yes, fat is good for your body and for your health, but too much is harmful and damaging to your goals. You do not want to cut out the vitamins that are crucial to your dieting and to your health regimen. Mostly all of the foods you love you can have! As long as you plan your meals out with moderation and balance you will see that you do not have to eat foods that are distasteful! You can eat what you love as long as you balance it out!