By Brian Cannone

One way to burn calories, that isn’t as recognized as the others, is the process in which your body uses to digest food. The process our body uses to break down the items you ingest is one of the key ways you burn calories. A crucial factor that helps optimize this process is in how much food you consume and how many calories are contained in every meal. You will want to eat foods that are low in calories and eat them in high quantities. A mistake that is often made is that high quantity and low calorie meals are replaced with small meals with high calories. High calories and low quantity meals means more fat and additives but in a smaller portion that won’t take your body long at all to break down and get rid of, which can dampen your health regimen and actually take you longer to lose weight. When you consume foods that are low in quantity but high in calories, your body will recognize that your body isn’t taking in the necessary amount of food and therefor will send the fat to your body’s fat reserve. It takes your body energy to break down the food you consume which in turn is the reason why your body is able to burn calories.

You need to be careful to monitor your body’s calorie intake. You need to make sure that you are maintaining the necessary calorie levels that you have designated for your daily diet. The key is to eat meals that are low in calories and bigger in portions. The best way to make sure that the foods that you are eating are low in calories is to pay attention to the label. How many calories per serving are there? How many additives are included? You should also pay attention to the expiration date. The longer it takes an item of food to expire, the more additives, calories and fat that are included in the item in question. The foods that are lowest in calories are the ones that are closest to nature. The freshest foods are the foods that are lowest in calories. Another way to help you determine just how many calories and additives are included in an item is to see just how many ingredients are included. The more ingredients that are included in an item of food the more calories and additives that are included as well.

Just as you need to be careful of your calorie intake, you have to be equally careful of how much food you are consuming per meal. When we say high in quantities, we do NOT mean indulge in overeating. There is a monumental difference between high quantity, low calorie meals and just eating a lot of food that is low in calories. The big difference is the amount of control. High quantity and low calorie meals are meals that are of controlled portions, not over eating. This is a delicate line that is often crossed. When some people hear the words “high quantity” they think that means monstrous portions. This is NOT something you want to confuse. High quantity does not mean large portions! It simply means that you eat portions that are not overly small and not overly large. It is about higher quantities and controlled meals. You have to control just how much you consume and you have to be careful not to over eat.

For instance, you could eat a larger salad. When you eat a large salad it takes your body energy to break it down and digest it. A salad is low in calories and is healthy for you and your body. So eating a low calorie meal, such as a salad, and eating it in high quantity meals is more beneficial for your body’s overall physical health. A large salad contains vitamins and nutrients that are essential to your body’s health, while also remaining low in calories. The more you consume of the salad the more of your body’s energy is used to break down the salad. While your body is under the impression that you are getting plentiful of food it will break it down and get rid of it faster, and not store it in your body’s preserves. Another meal that is low in calories that you can eat in high quantities is cold vegetables and meat. You could eat cold turkey, cauliflower, and assorted cold vegetables. Each ingredient contains different vitamins and nutrients essential to your body’s health and each is low in calories that will help your body burn more calories.

The key to burning more calories is all about what you eat and how much of it you eat. Your body uses energy to break down your foods that you consume. The energy that your body uses in the process of digesting your foods helps burn a lot of calories. It is sometimes overlooked that one of the easiest and essential ways for your body to burn calories is the process of digesting the foods you consume. It is imperative that you go about doing it the right way to help burn the maximum amount of calories using your body’s energy. You need to eat foods that are low in calories and high in quantity. Be careful not to confuse high quantity with over eating. You do not want to over indulge. Be sure to keep in mind that you need to eat foods that are low in calories. The more additives an item of food contains the more calories that are included. One of your body’s best ways to burn fat and burn calories is by the energy that is used by your body to break down the foods that you ingest. You will want to eat foods that are high in quantity (but not over eating) and these foods need to be low in calories! This is the easiest and relatively most simple way to burn more calories and fat in your body.