Here’s an incredible tip I got from Injury Specialist Rick Kaselj, MS 
that is going to help your banged up shoulders feel better in just minutes.  

It is called vertical hanging.  If it sounds self-explanatory it’s because it is.

Here’s how to do it: 

Lift your arms straight overhead and take note of 
how your shoulders feel.  Next hang on something like you’re a kid 
hanging from the monkey bars.
For example:  If you are in the gym, go over to the pull up bar, grab 
the handles, and let yourself hang from them. If you are not able to 
bring your arms very high, bring them to a point as high as you can 
and then hang with partial weight.

Try this Sample Trick From FMSP
It might feel a little weird and be a little uncomfortable but hang 
for 15 seconds with all of your body weight off the ground or 
partial weight off the ground..  Now step away from the bar 
and lift your arms overhead.   Do you have more movement? 

Do your shoulders feel a little loser?
For most people it will be Yes-Yes.

Here’s why:
Over time gravity pulls on our arm. With our 
arms weighing about 10 lbs, the slow pulling starts to reshape 
the shoulder into a painful joint by shortening the ligaments 
in the shoulder. With the vertical hanging, we are stretching 
the ligaments in the shoulder in order to reshape the shoulder 
back into a pain-free shoulder.
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