I’ve been working in the gym business for over 20 years now. I’ve seen people come in that need to learn basic exercises and circuit training but I have to say this…

I have never seen a world-champion powerlifter and strength coach teach people how to deadlift, squat and bench properly.

The people I see usually just start off doing things incorrectly from day one and eventually end up with injuries down the road. I am happy to have read a copy of Deadlift Dynamite and wish I had the chance to learn from these experts from my start.

There sure are many people that think they know how to lift big and heavy weights but will never reach their potential unless they take it seriously enough to do it the right way. I encourage ALL serious lifters to read this program by Andy Bolton and Pavel!

Seriously – this book is jam-packed with incredible tips, tricks, techniques and programs to help you get STRONGER, build explosive power, add muscle mass and bullet-proof yourself against injury.

One really cool exercise Pavel and Andy share in the book is the RKC Plank.

I tried it yesterday and after just one set I immediately felt STRONGER on my heavy barbell lifts…

Here’s how it works…


How To Do The RKC Plank…


– Assume a regular Plank position

– Now, instead of just passively holding that position for a minute or more (like most people do), get as TIGHT as you possibly can

– Brace your abs, tighten your butt, flex your quads,Squeeze your fists, flex your biceps and cramp up your lats

– Now hold that position for just 10 seconds

– Stay tight and breathe shallow throughout

Do it right and you’ll shake like crazy…

Now try to replicate that total body TENSION when you do your barbell lifts and you’ll be STRONGER and SAFER -instantly.

The reason why you’ll be safer is because when your abs, glutes and lats are tight – you can keep your lower back in a neutral position.

Most don’t know how to get tight, so their lower backs become vulnerable and well – ya know how many lifters have back pain!

Andy and Pavel also explain that TENSION is the key to STRENGTH.

The RKC Plank is just one of many techniques they teach you in Deadlift Dynamite for building incredible tension and strength.

I’m going to make The RKC Plank a regular part of my training programs…

More strength, better abs and a safer lower back – what’s not to like?!

To find out more about The RKC Plank and to discover ALL of Andy Bolton and Pavel’s strength training secrets, click here to grab your copy of Deadlift Dynamite with $197 of FREE Bonuses.

This is one of the best strength and muscle building books written in the past 10 years. Period.