By Brian Cannone

Here’s an interesting fact: as the economy has declined and people have started to cut back on the non-essentials, there has also been a surge in fitness. Why? Well, most financial and fitness experts would say that people are becoming far more concerned about exorbitant health care costs for issues that they can avoid simply by staying in shape!

Is this true? Absolutely! There are literally dozens of life threatening issues that can be avoided through adherence to a good program of diet and exercise. Consider that diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, and even some forms of stroke can be reduced and even eliminated if the individual exercises and watches their diet.
This means that someone in need of a job (and with unemployment averaging at a whopping nine percent it is likely that a lot of people DO need a job) can consider a career in fitness. One of the most interesting is the role of the personal trainer.

Just consider that someone seeking to become a personal trainer in the state of Connecticut has a lot of options. They might become a specialized trainer in yoga, Pilates, aerobics, or simply in personal training. They can also get certified in things like nutrition and sports training too.

Before you wrinkle your nose and say that you don’t want to work in a gym or travel to wealthy people’s homes to personally train them, you need to know that personal trainers actually interact with amazing range of the population. Just think that someone who is a personal trainer in Connecticut might be able to work “one on one” with someone who does fitness modeling and really help them start their career. Alternately, that same personal trainer could get involved in the bodybuilding world and participate in any of the annual statewide bodybuilding shows too.

For example, at FitnessAtlantic it is possible to find out about one of the best bodybuilding shows in the state, and to discover ways of finding work as a personal trainer in Connecticut.

If you look at the developing trends in health and fitness, the current economy, and the flexibility of the work of the personal trainer, it is really challenging to find another career with so many possibilities and options. The one thing to remember is that it is best to go about getting the proper training and certification necessary in order to enjoy the widest pool of job offers as well.