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2003 Fitness Atlantic Video Clip

2003 Fitness Atlantic Featured Contestant

Alicia Marie

“At the gym one day I overheard two women talking about the ESPN Fitness America finals in November 2003. I had completely forgotten about those competitions! I said to myself, “Now is the time to do it!” I attended Cathy Savage’s camp in February – where I proceeded to disgust everyone with my exquisitely sordid tales of my love affair with the donuts (which is why Cathy gave me that nickname!) – FELL IN LOVE with the whole thing and competed in my first Figure competition in March 2003.

I won the title, which solidified belief in my abilities and gave me the self-confidence to enter in others. Since then, I placed second in Bikini Atlantic and I was a Top Ten Finalist in 2003 Bikini Universe. I also received my WNBF pro card when I placed first in my division and then captured the Overall title in Figure. With Cathy’s (and Linda’s and Mia’s!) help I hope to take the plunge into Fitness! I am excited/nervous. Watching all of you talented, amazing and beautiful women compete up there on stage has been inspiring. I am not yet a certified personal trainer or a nutritionist/dietician (still studying!), therefore I am not authorized to give advice on training or to offer personalized fitness and conditioning programs. Having said that, many people have asked me either at competitions or via e-mail what I do to prepare for the rigors of Fitness and Physique competitions and judging panel critique.

What I can tell you is that I do change my personal workout regime up a bit if I get bored (which is often). You have to make it fun. Try something that you might actually enjoy doing. The diet portion of the program – a necessary evil for the competition-bound – that I am required to employ plays a large role in how my body will adapt to my upping the ante on training when it is time to buckle down for the big stage.” – Alicia Marie

2003 Fitness Atlantic Show Pictures

2003 Fitness Atlantic Contest Results


2003 Super Bikini Results

1 Toneka Pires
2 Alicia Denson
3 Tricia Hoyt
4 Lori Colognesi
5 Nicole Ferreira
6 Tina Rigdon
7 Aja Perkins
8 Candice Scarpa
9 Adelina Carvalhal
10 Tisha Rodrigues
11 Emily Pearson
12 Heidi Fletcher
13 Holly Wilbur
14 Jennifer Tedford-Zuba
14 Danielle Kalfon
15 Nicole Pavick
16 Sabrina Paglicuca
17 Patricia Koziol
18 Caren Comedy
18 Alison Parent
19 Denise Rondot
20 Renee Jalbert
21 Jessica Nunez
22 Laura Cocoltchos
23 Shellie Carper
24 Amanda Parker
25 Anabella Duca
26 Rosanna LoMonte

2003 Musclemania Atalantic Results

Junior Men

1 Jeremy Braud
2 Michael George
3 Anthony Younge
4 Jamel Keels
5 Dustin DeMercurio
6 Vincent Artese Jr
7 Ryan Kekacs
8 John Burrows
9 Wendell Peggott
10 Matthew Wargo

Men Novice Light

1 Michael George
2 Desmond Nation
3 Juan Ventura
4 Lionel Pedro
5 Ryan Maraziti
6 Raino Hills
7 Chris Daus
8 Keith Chittenden
9 Dan Ripani
10 John Burrows
11 Anthony Truino
12 Serge Philoche
13 Todd Skarbnick
14 Ismael Roman
15 Anthony Scaife
16 Dave Schneider

Men Novice Heavy

1 Steve Feaster
2 Ron Rich
3 Jamel Keels
4 Mike Conlon
5 Vet Fleming
6 Marc Thomas
7 Jamal Morton

Men Masters

1 Hugh Ross
2 Rick Silverman
3 Vincent Artese Sr
4 David Rose
5 Dan Ripani
6 Joe DeSenti
7 Mike Monzillo
8 Butch Paradis
9 Juan Reyes

Men Grandmasters

1 Neal Grossman
2 John Wright
3 Bill Willoughby
4 Al Grauso


1 Dianne Loftis
2 Adelina Carvalhal
3 Maryann Dee
4 Nicole Gilchrest
5 Kim Connelly
6 Susan Deir
7 Carole Rollins
8 Maria Mazzone
9 Robin Wahl
10 Linda Juranich
11 Jennifer Stone
12 Tiana Gonzalez
13 Lisa Hampton
14 Lisa Mazzeo
15 Lily Ablondi

Women Masters

1 Maryann Dee
2 Kim Connelly
3 Carole Rollins
4 Linda Juranich
5 Robin Wahl
6 Camilla Kubin
7 Lily Ablondi

Men Bantam

1 Leslie Magnum
2 Greg Trombly
3 Tim Brandt
4 Neal Grossman
5 Raino Hills
6 Chris Lieder
7 Dave Rose
8 Dave D’Orlando
9 Joe DeSenti
10 David Schneider

Men Light

1 Nick Cefalo
2 Charles LaSalle
3 Ryan Maraziti
4 Dustin DeMercurio
5 Felipe Cordero
6 Mike Mincey
7 Anthony Scaife
8 Butch Paradis
9 Anthony Turino

Men Welter

1 Martin Addo
2 Luke Malone
3 Marc Delisca
4 Domingo Tanco
5 Desmond Nation
6 Junior Miller
7 David Adoma
7 Robert Mason
9 Jeff Pollack
10 Jeff DiLorenzo

Men Middle

1 Ulisses Williams Jr
2 John Puskarich
3 Sean Larsen
4 Max Nicholas
5 James Davis
6 Jamel Keels
7 Vincent Artese Sr
8 John Riddick
9 Courtney Howell

Men Light Heavy

1 Hugh Ross
2 Isaac Scott
3 Tony Page
4 Billy Heeber
5 Robert Zeidenberg
6 Jarueba Taylor

Men Heavy

1 Morris Mendez
2 Kevin Topka
3 Matt Puglia
4 Travis MacDuff
5 Jeremy Braud
6 Gerald Aikens
7 Ron Rich
8 Vet Fleming
9 Jamal Morton

*Mens Overall

Morris Mendez

*Novice Overall

Michael George


Matt Shepley
Ron Coleman
Jody Ramos
Grant Johnson
Jose Raymond
Frank Celetano
Laura Turtlelot

Head Judge

Ted Clark

2003 Super Fitness Results

1 Wendi West
2 Dawn Butterfield
3 Toneka Pires
4 Olivia Chamberland
5 Rhonda Finlayson
6 Susan Bold-Smith
7 Heidi Fletcher
8 Alison Parent
9 Tina Rigdon
10 Nicole Ferreira
11 Tricia Hoyt
12 Holly Wilbur
13 Jennifer Tedford-Zuba
14 Maggie Blanchard
15 Lisa Stugart
16 Danielle Kalfon
17 Danielle Heron
18 Lisa Thomas
19 Jodi Jones
19 Sarah Trombly
20 Laura Ascenzia
21 Tanya Branco
22 Laura Cocoltchos
23 Jessica Nunez
24 Amanda Parker

*Overall Champion

Wendi West

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