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2002 Fitness Atlantic Video Clip

2002 Fitness Atlantic Featured Contestant

Ulisses Jr 2002 Atlantic – 1st Welterweight

“I am a fitness model, personal trainer and gym manager with a private health club in New York City. Additionally, I am affiliated with the “City Gym Boys” Urban Fitness Company as a featured model in public appearances and in specialty items. I am presently launching various fitness projects involving printed media, television, modeling, instruction, and teaching.

My family is from West Africa and St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. I am 26 years old, and began training at the age of 19. As I pursue my workout discipline, I look forward to seeing how my body grows naturally over the years.

I train 5 days a week, whereby my goal is to develop a symmetrical physique. 3 to 4 weeks prior to a contest, I maintain a dietary regimen without engaging in any cardiovascular training. I’m naturally blessed with a 28-inch waist. My diet is replete with carbohydrates, includes 250 grams of protein a day, and covers a wide variety of foods.

I truly believe that hard training, a proper diet, and nutritional supplementation with dedication can work naturally for anyone. I do it every day, and my work ethic and physique always seem to inspire people. My ultimate goal in bodybuilding is to be the greatest natural bodybuilder in the world. That would grant me the opportunity to promote the benefits of training and a proper diet.

My advice to anyone trying to build his or her physique is to be patient, dedicated, and determined. The key is to stick to your goals, keep focused, and allow your body to develop.” – Ulisses Jr

2002 Fitness Atlantic Show Pictures

2002 Fitness Atlantic Contest Results



1 Wendi West
2 Michelle Freeman
3 Rhonda Finalyson
4 Olivia Chamberland
5 Tammy Noel
6 Cynthia Gruss
6 Nicole Burgeois-Ferreira
7 Kelly Wain
8 Maggie Blanchard
8 Melissa DiTaranto
9 Teri Green
9 Myra Maldonado
10 Anne Boland-Collins
10 Tanya Branco
11 Toneka Pires
12 Lisa Stugart
13 Adelina Carvalhal
14 Danielle Kalfon
15 Sheri McNally
16 Erin Hankard
17 Heather Mir


1 Liz Anderson
2 Gina Hopper


1 Wendi West
2 Michelle Freeman
3 Teri Green
4 Tammy Noel
5 Myra Maldonado
6 Rhonda Finlayson
7 Olivia Chamberland
8 Tanya Branco
8 Nicole Burgeois-Ferreira
9 Kelly Wain
10 Toneka Pires
10 Cynthia Gruss
11 Maggie Blanchard
12 Melissa DiTaranto
12 Anne Boland-Collins
13 Erin Hankard
14 Adelina Carvalhal
15 Lisa Stugart
16 Sheri McNally
16 Heather Mir
17 Danielle Kalfon


1 Wendi West
2 Tammy Noel
3 Michelle Freeman
4 Olivia Chamberland
5 Rhonda Finlayson


Wendi West
Michelle Freeman
Tammy Noel
Rhonda Finlayson
Olivia Chamberland
Teri Green
Myra Maldonado
Nicole Burgeois-Ferreira
Cynthia Gruss
Kelly Wain
Maggie Blanchard
Tanya Branco
Toneka Pires
Melissa DiTaranto
Anne Boland-Collins
Adelina Carvalhal
Lisa Stugart
Erin Hankard
Danielle Kalfon
Sheri McNally
Heather Mir


1 John Sasso
2 Nick Cefalo
3 Joe Petreycik
4 Jeremy Braud
5 Andrew Gunther
6 Shane Sullivan
7 David Phelon
8 George Kitmiridis
9 John Burrows
10 Mike Huggins


1 Hugh Ross
2 Anthony Sasso
3 Jeff Conkey
4 Andrew Gunther
5 Jeremy Braud
6 Andre St. Clair
7 Eustance Abraham
8 John Burrows
9 Marvin Perrin
10 Ismael Roman
11 Jamal Morton


1 Hugh Ross
2 John Stabile
3 Eugene Hawkins
4 Greg Woods
5 Lennox Beaumont
6 Robert Laliberte
7 Andre Thompson
8 Joe Desenti
9 Anthony Ianiero
10 Coleman Vincent


1 Stephanie Ayers
2 Cheryl Hayden
3 Leigh Parisi
4 Victoria Phillips
5 Melissa Ritz
6 Sherri Profitt


1 John Sasso
2 Vin Mascia
3 Leslie Mangum
4 Robert Smith
5 Greg Trombly
6 Felipe Cordero
7 Isreal Colon


1 Kofi Abrampah
2 Marvin Harris
3 Patrick Freeman
4 Will Usher
5 Luke Malone
6 Lennox Beamont
7 Nick Cefalo
8 Joe Petreycik
9 Shane Sullivan
10 Jeff Conkey
11 Joe Desenti
12 Lance Fullerton
13 Mike Huggins


1 Peter Ebot
2 Tim Sweeney
3 Moji Oluwa
4 Mark Dagnall
5 Max Nicholas
6 Paul Masotta
7 Greg Woods
8 Edgar Grant
9 Domingo Tanco
10 Courtney Howell
11 Brett O’Teri
12 Jeff Pollack
13 Anthony Sasso
14 Marvin Perrin
15 John Burrows


1 Martin Luther King Addo
2 John Stabile
3 Eugene Hawkins
4 Sean Larson
5 Will Vidro
6 Neil Sullivan
7 Dan Boffo


1 Morris Mendez
2 Kevin Topka
3 Otis Baskins
4 Scott Newman
5 Jeremy Braud
6 Andre St. Clair
7 Fitzroy Smith
8 Eustace Abraham


1 Grant Johnson
2 Gerald Aikens
3 Rycklon Stevens
4 Rock Foster
5 Jamal Morton


John Sasso
Kofi Abrampah
Peter Ebot
Martin Luther King Addo
Morris Mendez
1 Grant Johnson

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