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2001 Atlantic – Hosted by Mike D’Angelo, Guest Poser Jody Ramos. Includes Pre-judging!

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2001 Fitness Atlantic Featured Contestant

Michelle Freeman Figure of Fitness

It’s been a quandary for many fully grown women who have been involved in gymnastics since a young age. You’ve been competing in gymnastics since age 6, right through high school and college on a four-year scholarship. Now you’ve graduated college and are out in the real world. You’re good but not good enough for the Olympics. What do you do?

Ah, you get a job as a gymnastics instructor at one of the top programs in the state, one that takes students up to the elite level where they are eligible for the Olympics. Not enough? Still want more? What’s left for the former gymnastics competitor who still wants to compete?

Do what Michelle Freeman has done. The 26 year-old has gone the whole gymnastics route from childhood to college and yearned for more. She has become a fitness competitor.

The program is like a beauty contest in that it involves parading on stage in a bathing suit and, if you get far enough, the interview round. But there is also the talent round, in this case showing exceptional fitness. It can’t be something like juggling, operatic singing or rubbing a tune on water-filled glasses.

This is where Freeman gets a chance to shine. The gymnastics floor routine was her specialty during the four years competing in gymnastics. Freeman, finished first in her second year competing at the Fitness Atlantic Pageant in New Haven. She noted that not all fitness competitors have gymnastics backgrounds. “Some girls are former dancers, cheerleaders, and aerobic instructors,” said Freeman flashing blue eyes with blonde hair, all of 5-feet, 4 inches tall and 120 pounds. “Whatever your strength is, that’s what you present to please the crowd. They want to see strength, endurance, flexibility, poise and grace. Gymnastics and other sports are usually dropped after college. This is a way to keep going and stay fit.”

Freeman read about the New Haven fitness competition accompanying the men’s and women’s bodybuilding competition in a fitness magazine. She attended the competition in 1999 that drew six fitness competitors and decided to give it a try the following year. So she entered in 2000 when it drew more competitors , 13, and finished fifth, while her husband, Patrick, a corporate fitness director won the novice bodybuilding competition. Then in 2001 she won with an even bigger field, 24, while Patrick finished fourth in the open men’s bodybuilding competition.

2001 Fitness Atlantic Show Pictures

2001 Fitness Atlantic Contest Results

1 Michelle Freeman
2 Wendi West
3 Sabrina Nock
4 Alicia DeLuca
5 Angela Varney
6 Anne Boland
7 Cynthia Gruss
7 Cassia Howard
8 Heather Ciampa
8 Tanya Branco
9 Darlina Kirzoncic
10 Paula Harvey
11 Joy Welch-Stone
12 Arianne Missimer
13 Toneka Pires
13 Jana Houston
13 Maria Ciaramitano
13 Maria Ricciuti
13 Renee Camioa
13 Jana Houston
14 Omeka Frongello
15 Heather Mir
15 Angelica Piekora
16 Amy Lynn Corey

2001 Junior Division

1 Quanne McCutchen
2 Damien Mercer
3 Anthony Page
4 Joseph Voss

2001 Novice Light

1 Bob Roberson and Overall
2 Persido Pena
3 Felipe Cordero
4 Michael Recine
5 Chad Whitcomb
6 Al-Rahim Williams
7 Eric Pastuch
8 Robert Pastuch
9 Menard Solivan
10 Kenneth Smith

2001 Novice Heavy

1 Anthony Younge
2 Mark Campbell
3 Thomas Ventriglio
4 Alberto Torres
5 Chris DiVecchio
6 Joseph Mailley
7 Eric Baldovin

2001 Womens Light

1 Mary Demers and Overall
2 DeAnna Lewis
3 Debbie Ruocco
4 Donna Barnanowski
5 Dawn Spray

2001 Womens Heavy

1 Kathrine Smalls
2 Lisa Postl
3 Kerry McElroy

2001 Mens Open Bantam

1 Bob Roberson
2 Persido Pena
3 Conrad Jacques
4 David Lyford
5 Felipe Cordero
6 Jonathan Hunt
7 Peter Islip 8 Mel Ona

2001 Mens Open Light

1 Kofi Abrampah
2 Ken Bragg
3 David Iacovella
4 Quanne McCutchen
5 Rafael Norat
Dwight Redwood
James Gonzalez
Al-Rahim Williams
Robert Pocobello
Butch Paradis
Philip Robakiewicz
Matt Viemeister
Harry Sweigard

2001 Mens Open Middle

1 Martin Luther King Addo
2 Durrell Lewis
3 Paul Roy
4 Domingo Tanco
5 Patrick Freeman
6 Jason Wojeichowski
7 Robert Monkiewicz
8 Obie Philbrook
9 Nickolas Vendemia
10 Scott Beddia
11 Sean Larson
12 Martin Bailey

2001 Mens Open Light Heavy

1 Daniel Nsuase
2 Charles Moss
3 Otis Baskins
4 Tim Sweeney
5 Jeff Kennedy
6 Mark Campbell
7 Joseph Pacheco
8 George Lewis
9 Chris DiVecchio
10 Fitzroy Smith
11 Eric Baldovin

2001 Mens Open Heavy

1 Grant Johnson
2 Matt Puglia
3 Rick Silverman
4 Thomas Ventriglio
5 Aster Hargrove
6 Alberto Torres
7 Stan Smith
8 Joseph Mailly

2001 Overall Champion

Lightweight Kofi Abrampah

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