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1999 Fitness Atlantic Video Clip

1999 Fitness Atlantic Featured Contestant

Mike D’Angelo the BodyEvolver

Pure energy and absolute in-your-face excitement is transmitted the moment this natural champion electrifies the stage!

Introduced to the Musclemania Atlantic audience as our inaugural guest poser in the 1999 event, then as the Event Host as Master of Ceremonies in 2000 and 2001 Mike brought his fun personality to life and had the audience cheering!

As a lifetime natural bodybuilder Mike has graced the covers of fitness magazines and gained tremendous exposure as a EAS fitness model. From area shows held Boston to huge shows in California and even Italy Mike as competed and won his divisions and overall titles. Then in international Musclemania contests Mike qualified for the first Professional Musclemania events and competed in Musclemania World and Superbody World.

Graduating from Boston University with a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science and Exercise Physiology also holding certification through American College of Sports Medicine. Mike owns a full health facility in Boston’s Back Bay and a online personal training web-site both named BodyEvolver.

Mike lives outside of Boston and trains hundreds of clients online and one on one in his health club. Mike is 33 years old, he was married in 2001. Mike’s first child, a boy named Joshua, was born last May and therefore Mike could not make it back to host Musclemania Atlantic in the year 1999.

Mike had gained a popularity dreamed of by many natural bodybuilders with covers and articles in Muscle Media and Muscular Development with his awesome personality and love of the sport he is always a pleasure to be around. As a full-time personal trainer, health club owner, and web-site developer along with family responsibilities we hope Mike can find the time to train for his next competitive season.

1999 Fitness Atlantic Show Pictures

1999 Fitness Atlantic Contest Results


1999 Fitness

1 Dawn Butterfield
2 Heather Lee Censabella
3 Colleen Donovan
4 Julie Ann Raymond
5 Taia Roach

1999 Teenage Division

1 John DeCaire
2 Kenny Banks
3 Frank Capite
4th – Corey Hanson

1999 Novice Men Lightweight

1 Anthony Sortino
2 Pau Kim Chan
3 Deano D’Amico
4 Scott Carter
5th- Dwayne Raimer

1999 Novice Men Middleweight
1 Erik Sousa
2 Charles Inness
3 Raymond Whitier

1999 Novice Men Heavyweight

4th – Frank Bisch
1 John Goll
2 Eric Gibbs
3 Herb Nelson

1999 Masters Men 35-50 years old

1 Eugene Gargiulo
2 Kendall Mallory
3 Vincent Mascia
4 Tom Taylor
5 Tony Harrington

1999 Masters Men 50 years and over

1 Alex Shilinga
2 Sonny Fuller
3 Robert Pastuch
4 Al Grasso
5 William Willoughby

1999 Women Lightweigh


1 Lorelie Carvey
2 Valerie Barnes
3 Robin Wright
4 Deb Ferguson
5 Rachel Leo

1999 Women Heavyweight

1 Lisa Strout
2nd – Sherri Profit

1999 Mens Open Bantam

1 Scott Labrecque
2 Vincent Mascia
3 John Luedee
4 Samuel Negran
5 Titus Cartwright

1999 Mens Open Light

1 Ray Johanas
2 Anthony Sortino
3 James Gonzales
4 Vinny Scotti
5 Jason Christian

1999 Mens Open Middle

1 Jerry Tescione
2 Brian Lee
3 Kendall Mallory
4 Erik Sousa
5 James Gonzalez

1999 Mens Open Lightheavy

1 Eugene Gargiulo
2 Scott Gould
3 Matthew Puglia
4 Otis Baskins
5 Eric Gibbs

1999 Mens Open Heavy

1 Maurice Johnson
2 John Goll
3 Jeff Scheller
4 Herb Nelson

1999 Overall Champion

Middleweight Jerry Tescione

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