Tips for Competitors by Todd Ganci

Ganci Routine Music

If Bodybuilding & Fitness contests are going to survive, competitors are going to have to make their routines more entertaining (especially bodybuilders). You can't expect your family and friends to sit through an all day event watching 50 guys pose to Nelly's "I'm Number One"!!! Avoid Top Ten hits, everybody uses them! Try to come up with a creative theme or call 877-GET PUMP and they'll do it for you! SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES...

Contest Day & Water

You can always spot the oblivious competitor back stage. They're the one guzzling down a gallon of water. Contest day water = "In 10th place from Smoothington"


After spending thousands of dollars and hours getting contest ready, GET PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS TAKEN! Don't count on your buddy to take photos of you from the back row with his disposable camera. You may never look that way again... there is no turning back the clock. When contest day is over it's over!

TODD GANCI is a former successful contest promoter, competition judge and former competitor with 11 titles including NPC EASTERN USA CHAMPION. Ganci is currently owner of 360 Degrees of Fitness & Bodybuilding. has been specializing in custom original routine music, choreography, photography and custom diets for thousands of athletes all over the world for the past 20 years. Ganci’s former and current clients include: LEE LABRADA, PORTER COTTRELL, JAY CUTLER, DORIAN YATES...




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