Sue Bold-Smith - "Baby on Board"

Sue Bold-Smith I will never forget the day I found out I was pregnant. I had been preparing for the 2002 Fitness Atlantic Pageant, and I was excited about performing a new routine I had choreographed with the help of Cathy Savage and Paula Harvey. I really had no idea I was pregnant until I suddenly started to become very tired in the afternoons and wasn't motivated to complete the second half of my routine when practicing.

My friend at work insisted I take another pregnancy test even though I had taken one a week earlier and it turned out negative. Needless to say the second test came out positive. Okay that was the tough part, I cried of happiness because I always wanted to have a baby but at the same time I was also a little disappointed because I was looking forward to competing and had invested a lot of time and effort in my preparation. When I found out I was pregnant in late February I had been dieting and training for about three months and was more than half way into being prepared to compete that April.

In November of 2002 I had a healthy beautiful baby girl who is the light of my life and wouldn't trade that for anything. That being said, fitness competitions are also still big part of my life and a passionate hobby for me that I hope to continue as long as my body lets me!

Now, how did I lose the weight I had gained in 9 months in order to compete with only 6 months until the 2003 Fitness Atlantic show in April? Well, it wasn't as hard as you would think.

Sue Bold-Smith One of the greatest things about doing a contest is the motivation and drive they give me to push myself to the limit. I know I better look fit if I plan to walk on stage in front of thousands of spectators and that is a huge motivating factor that goes through my mind while preparing for this type of event. Extra cardiovascular workouts were also added to my workout routine as well as the popular high protein and low carbohydrate eating plan. I really focused more on weight training this time, lifting heavier weights than usual with fewer repetitions.

I didn't have as much time to prepare as I usually do and I felt guilty sometimes about taking any time to workout as opposed to spending all of my time with my baby. I will say that the workouts and healthy eating did give me much more energy to spend with her and I felt great. Being fit and healthy is what I live for because it really improves every aspect of my life.



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Sue Bold Smith at the 2003 New England Fitness Weekend in Boston, MA



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