1999 Guest Poser - Skip La Cour

Skip La Cour Skip LaCour was born in 1962, lives in Walnut Creek, California, (San Franciso Bay area). He has been training for more than 13 years and has competed for over 12 years. During that time span, Skip has competed in 27 bodybuilding contests. At 5'-10" tall, Skip's competition weight ranges from 213 to 230 well-conditioned pounds.

Drug-free for life, Skip first appeared on the national scene in 1994, when he won the Musclemania World Championships, which aired on ESPN television. Two years earlier in 1992, he became the first person in history of the AAU to win both the Mr. California and the Mr. Natural California. Skip is also the only man to have ever won both the Musclemania Natural Bodybuilding - the most recognized drug-free contest in the world and the NPC Team Universe competition.

Before thrusting his total time, focus, and energy into his passion for bodybuilding and helping others become the best they can be, Skip worked for Raley's Superstores for 15 years. He worked from the bottom to the top and became the company's youngest store manager at the age 27.

Skip's successes in business of bodybuilding and fitness include earning multi-year, paid endorsement contracts with large supplement companies such as Met-Rx, TWINLAB, and AST Sports Science, all of which he earned while still an amateur bodybuilder.

Impressed by Skip's efforts, Champion Nutrition and Musashi Nutrition have also supported his efforts in the past by supplying him with free product.

In addition to negotiating those business relationships, he created other opportunities with House of Pain Ironwear clothing company, Jan Tana tanning supply, and Jagwear competition suit maker.

To be honest Skip said his original reason he started his bodybuilding website was to share his knowledge with others to get people off his back. You see, when Skip started growing, it seemed as though everyone began accusing him of taking steroids, growth hormone, and other illegal physique enhancing drugs. Every time he would hear their unfair and inaccurate accusations it would kill him inside. Over and over again, it felt as though someone had punched him in the stomach every time he would hear that garbage. Why would the criticism bother him? Because he put far greater value in the quality of his character as a man than the quality of his muscles.

You could say Skip started becoming a bodybuilding writer, coach, and teacher to avoid the pain. He thought if those people who doubted his drug-free status saw what he actually did to succeed and they achieved awesome results themselves, they'd start seeing Skip as the up front and honest, hard-working and dedicated person he truly is.

About 5 years ago Skip even quit his full-time job to fully focus on bodybuilding and fitness. Many of his family and friends thought he was crazy at the time, but Skip is convinced and they'll all agree it was the best decision he ever made in his life.

Skip has spent literally hundreds of hours making his website a valuable source of bodybuilding information and inspiration available. Skip does all of the computer work, writes every article, scans every photo, processes every book or video order, and personally answers his emails. He has no staff and hopes that his passion, hard work, and commitment to helping people become the very best they can be can be as apparent.

Skip has appeared on a national television commercial for TWINLAB and also starred and appears on Anthony Robbins Personal Power II infomercial.

He has accomplished much as a writer, in his 5 books "Thinking Big", "Thinking Big - The Next Level Workbook", "Thinking Big II - Aspiring to a Higher Level of Bodybuilding Achievement", "Skip LaCour's Daily Training Journal", "Skip LaCour Answers the 101+ Most Often Asked Questions", and his special report "How I Gained 16 Pounds of Drug-Free Muscle in Just One Year."

In 1999, Skip LaCour came out to New Haven, Connecticut to host and guest pose at the first ever Musclemania event on the east coast. The event was a great success and started a new trend in bodybuilding event production standards. With one of the very best stage design, lighting, and concert music system the Musclemania Atlantic event has become the pinnacle of bodybuilding events in New England. Skip showed up early in the morning at pre-judging and hung out with the athletes; everyone asked him questions, joked around and had a good time. During the evening performance Skip hosted the event as master of ceremonies where he also gave a motivational speech to the audience about the importance of training drug-free and keeping the sport honest. The event came to a close with Skip taking off his tuxedo jacket and shirt and posing for the audience.

Visit Skip LaCour's Mass Machine website at: www.skiplacour.com




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