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Sean Larson Your genetics tell you that you can play the game. When I was 19, John Mitchell, a photographer, approached me on the beach of Misquamicut, Rhode Island and asked me if I had ever competed in bodybuilding and if he could take a couple of photos of me. I had just done a little dieting for the summer. John told me I had a great physique for the stage and I should think about competing. I was pretty flattered and inspired. I agreed by next year I would have done my first show. A year later after training, reading, and dieting, I had entered the 1998 Mr. Connecticut, produced by Fred Yale. I had placed 4th in the junior open, but after that I was hooked.

It was pretty convenient that I had a job at GNC at the time. I just absorbed information through all the books and magazines. It was especially convenient that I had all the newest supplements on hand.

In 2000 I had competed in an NPC show in New York City. It was a non-drug tested show. To say, I got my ass kicked and being natural opened me up to another world. These guys were from another planet. Everyone I had conversed with had no diet; they just let the drugs do the work. One competitor from Jersey said if you're not on growth and thyroid you shouldn't be on stage. I had just completed 13 weeks of ball-breakin'strict dieting and couldn't get one look. After that experience I've decided to always remain true to my genetic potential and never compete or experiment with drugs.

I had known about the Musclemania Atlantic since 1999 and that the Musclemania logo produces some of the best all-natural physiques. I was in attendance for the competition and also attended a seminar with Skip Lacour, which was pretty inspirational. I was very impressed with the show, but it wasn't until 2001 that I would compete. I'm 26 now and for the past six years I have experimented with training, dieting, and supplementation in my pursuit for a better placing in bodybuilding competition. Now, placing 1st in Musclemania New England as a middleweight, I can say I have found a formula that works. I think everybody has taken their share of 4ths and 3rds, but it's the bettering ourselves as athletes that drive us to continue for that better score.

I'm now employed at Mohegan Sun Resort Casino as a professional Black Jack dealer. I've been there for over two years. A lot of people I meet instantly know that I'm a bodybuilder by the way I fit into my uniform. I've held hundreds of discussions about my training and my lifestyle to the patrons that I deal to, which makes it enjoyable. Yeah, I do have my days when I'm kickin' low carbs and someone's screamin' at me because they are losing a lot of money, but I know that they're not gonna "F" with a guy that has a nasty taper. It comes in handy sometimes. I work grave shift, which is 5:00am-1:00pm. It's not bad. My schedule when training is very strict, especially when getting ready for a show. I wake up at 3:00am to be to work by 5:00am. What's great is that I get a break for 20 minutes every hour I'm on the casino floor dealing. We have a huge cafeteria that includes a fully stocked salad bar. I'm usually dining from the healthy section which has grilled chicken breast and steamed vegetables. Having that schedule keeps me eating within the 2 -3 hour limit which is convenient. If anybody knows about casino life, our days off for our "weekend" vary. For me, I have Tuesdays and Wednesdays off, which keeps me focused on training during the week.

My off-season training schedule is as follows:

Monday- Chest & Abs, 20 min. cardio (High Intensity)

Tuesday- AM Session- 45 min. cardio (Low Intensity), PM Session- Back

Wednesday- AM Session- 45 min. cardio (Low Intensity), PM Session- Legs

Thursday- Shoulders & Abs

Friday- Biceps & Triceps, 20 min. cardio (High Intensity)

Saturday- Off

Sunday- Off

Sean Larson Usually, when I get home from work on Monday I would eat and take a huge nap before I hammer out Chest and Abs. I start at around 5:30pm-6:00pm and would finish with cardio at around 7:30pm. Tuesdays start with a morning session of cardio for 45 min. low intensity and my back routine in the evening. For Wednesday I would start with the same cardio as for Tues. and I would train legs in the afternoon to be to bed by 8:00pm. Thursdays and Fridays I would get home from work at 1:30pm eat a pre-workout meal then fire through my training. Saturday depends on if I'm in a pre-contest schedule. If so then I would do what I call, "clean-up duty". It's just extra cardio, calves, hamstrings, and adductor work. Sundays, are always an off day. Chill, relax, eat a little more, and get ready for another week of intense training.

My supplementation regimen includes: Whey Protein, Creatine, Glutamine, and Thermogenics. All of these are staples in my program and I've found to be the most effective. If anyone wants to reach me, e-mail me at I'm always open for opinions and available for any questions about training and nutrition. This is only a brief summary of the competitor I have become. There is still more to be known and a lot more to be accomplished. Stay focused and train hard!!

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