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Ron Coleman Call him "Alcatraz" because he is hard as a ....Rock.... you get the picture.

He has been trained by experienced hardcore bodybuilding trainers, national powerlifters, chiropractors, physical therapists, scientists, kinesiologist, a naturalpathic doctor, and yes, even Mr. Olympia.

This eclectic combination of knowledge is what he has utilized to create a series of lean and mean bodybuilding routines!

Ron is one of the world's most recognized natural bodybuilders. He has been featured in a variety of national advertising campaigns with supplement and vitamin giant Twinlab. He has made several appearances on ESPN's American Muscle television program and is a highly sought after speaker and instructor.

Please note that there are two professional bodybuilders named Ron Coleman. This is not the current Mr. Olympia.

Ron resides in Tampa, Florida with his wife Beth, and three children Michael, Christina, and Destinie. Ron is not only extremely knowledgeable but passionate about the sport of bodybuilding. He started working out around the age of fourteen doing anything and everything like most people do when they just get started. He was involved in track and field but in tenth grade the catholic high school he attended didn't offer that sport and he would still run on his own.

At a young age Ron disliked his body and was stocky as a kid. He wanted to be slender as skinnier and eventually joined a gym with a friend. He started to enjoy the changes he saw in his physique and found himself learning more about his workouts and how to improve.

Ron grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania, which was a coal mining town and they had a small show called "Mr. Anthracite." This was the first show Ron entered and he ended up winning first place and the overall. There were several more small shows in between that he competed in and won, but the next big show was the "Mr. Pennsylvania" in which he took the overall title.

In 1987 he competed in the Nationals in which he took 8th behind some very tough competition. This was the lowest placing he had taken. The athletes were now at another level and the drug use was something that Ron didn't want to involve himself with in these non-tested events. Ron had decided not to continue competing and would just train as a hobby.

Then in 1990 he was running a gym and a supplement store with his wife when everyone at the gym began to talk Ron into competing again. He got the bug and in his first show back he placed 3rd. Then in the next competition he placed 1st. Having some of his confidence restored, he decided to keep competing and went for the 1991 Universe in which he placed 4th. Then he entered the 1992 Nationals and placed 3rd in the light heavy class. In 1993 he came in 2nd at the Universe and 6th at the Nationals. Then it all came together in 1994 where he entered and won the Mr. Universe and won his class at the World Championships.

In 1995 he won a gold medal at the Pan American Games, an international competition and in 1998 placed 9th in the Ironman.

Ron keeps a strict diet or at least close to it all the time. There was one stretch where he dieted strict for one full year. Then there was another time that he dieted hard for 3 years. It was hard, but dieting always came easy to Ron because of his focus. He looked at it as the necessary step to get closer to his goal contest shape.

In 1996 Twinlab signed Ron to a contract right after they had signed Skip LaCour. At Twinlab Ron handled promotions and sponsorships for events and athletes. Also writing a column on weight training for Muscular Development.

Currently, Ron has opened his own supplement distributorship that carries all lines of sports nutrition and contest preparation products from posing suits to tanning products. When considering names for his new venture he remembered that many of his friends had called him the Bodybuilding Guru due to his involvement in the industry and his wealth of knowledge.

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