The Meltdown Challenge Scandal
By Karen Sessions

The Meltdown Challenge Scandal I created the first Meltdown Challenge for my forum members in June 2004. It was primarily for those who were members of my forum but I went ahead and allowed anyone to enter.

The Meltdown Challenge is a transformation contest where participants are giving the opportunity to reshape and transform their body in twelve weeks. It serves as a motivator and a challenge.

It is based on the principles that I believe in, nutrition, exercise, and lastly, natural supplements. Now, I have been bodybuilding since 1988 and I have two personal training certifications. I spend my time researching, advising, training, writing, etc. I only promote products and ideas that I have tried and believe in.

There are some very rude skeptics out there and they just can't wait to bash you for anything that doesn't fit the model "fitness" they form in their mind.

My Meltdown Challenge was found and posted on another forum that I was a member of. This is what they had to say and my comments:

Keep in mind this article is based on the first Meltdown, which was free. Since then there has been an entry fee to reward the winner and first runner up with a cash prize as well as other goodies.


After reading it over I'm not sure that I'm too keen. She recommends supplementation and I'm not really into that. Ues, I use protein powder, glutamine and regular multi's...but no more playing with thermo's. They spike my energy and as soon as you go off you crash! I'll have to think about it a little more. I like RHC and things like that. But maybe you'll all be able to give me more insight.


I recommend supplementation? Really? I do suggest supplements AFTER you get your diet and training in order since diet and training is the foundation of health and fitness. Where exactly can you point out that I recommend supplements? It's merely a suggestion and supplements are always last on my list.

Secondly, are protein, glutamine, and multi's not supplements? Funny. these are the supplements I do suggest for those inquiring about it. And another thing, thermos are not as bad as the media makes them out to be. If you use thermos with some common sense, key word here, you should not have any adverse reactions for the most part. However, some people are sensitive and should not take them. Studies show that 153 people died in a ten year span due to ephedra, and studies also show that over 10,000 people died taking cholesterol lowering drugs. Two thousand people die EVERY year from taking aspirin. You do the math. Ehpedra is not dangerous when taken properly. Abuse, however, can be deadly. Get your facts straight before attacking me.


I got the info too and I am not too keen on using too many supplements either. I drink the Myoplex Lite and eat bars and stuff which is fine. I just don't want to rely on all the pills and stuff. Although, I may pick up a bottle of CLA, which I have taken before.


I'm not too keen in you entering my Challenge either. This Challenge was created for the positive minded people. And again, the supplement issue. Hello? Aren't Myoplex Lite and bars supplements, not to mention processed junk? What I can't stand are people who criticize, yet do exactly what they are criticizing about. Aren't these people called hypocrites?

I NEVER EVER, EVER said or suggested to take pills and rely on them. Where on EARTH did you get this information? Pulled it out of your butt I guess.

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Karen Sessions has been in the fitness industry since 1988 and is a certified personal fitness instructor and specialist in performance nutrition. She is a nationally qualified natural female bodybuilder, holding numerous titles in the southern states including two overalls.

Karen has written six e-books on fitness. She also writes articles for several fitness websites, and distributes two monthly newsletters regarding weight loss and female bodybuilding.

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