Mark Alvisi: Beginning the Journey – Destination Superbody

Destination Superbody is a trip that will be mapped out by individuals with the desire and discipline to achieve a physique of extraordinary size, shape, and muscularity.

For 2002 Superbody Natural World Champion Mark Alvisi, the path of extreme physical conditioning for this 25 year-old began in his early teens. Mark always had the desire to succeed as an individual. During high school years, he opted out of team sports to a very high level of Oom Yung Do, an Asian form of martial arts. His discipline was further honed when he went on to spend four years in the Army Special Forces support group as a paratrooper, rising to the rank of sergeant, drilling the recruits to go beyond what they thought they were capable of doing.

During this time, Mark was beginning to realize that his body responded quickly to weight training. He always held an above average weight on his frame and arms that, without any effort, were bigger and stronger then any of his peers. Once out of the service, and then moving to Florida, Mark desired to see what his body could look like if he made it his focus. Living in a beach community, looking good strolling the sand to attract the ladies seemed the logical path to take.

In the spring of 2001, Mark decided it was time to see how his body compared to others in a competition mode. Since his physique naturally holds mass, sculpting it into a conditioned, dry, and shredded work of art would require the right strategy to dominate the competitive stage. This is where his drive to train with animal intensity, militant discipline, and Einstein-like intelligence had to be unleashed. Additionally, Mark had to figure out the fuel he would need to feed his engine. Therefore, nutritionally, specific amounts of protein, high-grade supplementation, carbohydrates, and fats had to be incorporated with grueling cardio sessions and psychotic training that no one else could keep up with.

Mark cruised into the NABF Florida State Championships in a hard sleek body with amazing lines that resulted in his turning professional with his very first contest. A few weeks later he just missed achieving his pro card in this organization called Musclemania at the South Beach Fitness Festival. Nobody could match his condition at 161 pounds, but at his height of 5’-9”, he needed to put on some serious size.

Knowing he had to jack himself up, Mark spent the next several months on a mass building regime. He spent as much time cooking and eating as he did training, and still does it to this day. In the fall of 2001, he entered the NABF Pro Am Championships ten pounds heavier then his previous competitions and took the overall, becoming the top professional in that federation. A few weeks later he entered the Musclemania World Championships and took third in the welterweight class in a field of 25. Even though Mark came into the contest heavier, getting into the shredded condition he exhibited cost him valuable muscle. He needed to unlock the secrets of continuous growth and maintenance of mass when getting into ripped, contest-ready condition.

In Mark’s quest for a business opportunity that would combine his sales skills with his passion for bodybuilding and fitness, he learned about an off-the-chain sports nutrition company named VPX from his colleague and training partner Eric “The Big Show” Hoult. Alvisi said, “If I’m going to attach my name and career to a product, I have to research the credibility of the company and have to get positive feedback from industry professionals. Eric Hoult, who has been in the industry for many years and even worked for EAS and the original Muscle Media, was already employed by VPX and gave the company rave reviews. After I investigated the science behind VPX, it blew me away.” Needless to say this closed the deal.

Psyched and armed with these new tools, Mark’s immediate focus now was coming into the 2002 Superbody hauling 15 more pounds of lean muscle, and coming in at the top of the middleweight class. Three months out from the show, he was 20 pounds over his ideal weight of 185 pounds. Mark needed to produce a formula that would allow him to hold on to his hard-earned muscle while bringing his body fat down to a mind-boggling three- percent and arrive with fullness the day of the show. VPX supplementation became the key ingredient in building and keeping the muscle in place. Mark knew he had come in dry, hard and shredded and now he had the vehicle to build and maintain the muscle during the process.

Micellean Protein and Bioactive Superfood allowed Mark to have a constant supply of potent protein in his system – in the morning it was Bioactive Superfood as a meal replacement; at night the highly important pure Micellean Protein was of utmost importance in inducing a round-the-clock anabolic state. The 1-Test, EQ, and Paradeca Stack had the effect of keeping the lean muscle intact, and even allowed continued muscle gains through carbohydrate depletion stages. Clenbutrx provided tons of energy to blast through workouts while dieting, and shredding body fat to insane levels without sacrificing the muscle. Gone were the days of hard-earned muscle being eaten away and catabolized during contest dieting.

Though the products were having their intended effect on Mark, without his extraordinary discipline and dedication, a physique gifted for bodybuilding, the intelligence to make the right choices, becoming one of the best natural bodybuilders in the world in such a short time would not have been possible. Mark’s every waking moment is geared toward succeeding in the sport, industry, and life.

For Mark, everything done is with his goal in mind and geared toward his most recent objective. Coming into the Superbody and winning the overall and going professional was the dream. As he drew closer to the target, he realized his efforts were paying off. He continued to hold on to his muscle, while depleting his body fat and water. Carrying 15 extra pounds of shredded muscle generated a huge impact with the judges and audience. Especially, since this dramatic transformation took place in just six short months. With finely sculpted and perfectly symmetrical lines, Mark presented an unbeatable package and he was the unanimous choice by the judges for the overall title.

This trip is now ended successfully and a new one is being mapped out – becoming the best professional bodybuilder in the Musclemania organization. You can bet that Mark will not take any detours along the way.

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