Mandatory Bodybuilding Posing Examples - Part I

Mandatory Posing Guidelines

Bodybuilding posing is usually one of the most ignored aspects of contest preparation. Competitors are so focused on their dieting and training that many donít take the time to prepare an exciting posing routine. Some bodybuilders leave it until the last week to try and put something together. There are even a few brave souls who step on stage and try to ďwing it.Ē Itís easy to spot the bodybuilders who donít do their homework; they canít even perform the mandatory poses properly.

If you hope to win or even place well in a bodybuilding contest, you must give your posing preparation the same diligence and dedication as training and dieting. You may be the biggest and most ripped guy on stage, but if you flounder around looking unprepared, your chances of winning, or even placing, will be greatly reduced.

The best posers select music that reflects their personality. Itís also much easier to perform a great routine if you like the song you are posing to. In a manner of speaking, your physique is your product, and youíre using the posing routine to Ďsellí yourself to the judges. The judges award points in three areas: how well you hit the individual poses, how well your routine flows with your physique; and how well your routine flows with the music you have selected. If you have a rugged, muscular physique, music that is powerful and upbeat will be your best bet. On the other hand if your physique is more symmetrical than massive, slower pop music or classical music, will probably work better for your bodybuilding posing.

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Mandatory Posing Examples

Abs & Thighs Pose

Abs and Thigh Pose

Crab Most Muscular

Crab Most Muscular Bodybuilding Pose

Front Double Bicep

front double bicep bodybuilding pose

Front Lat Spread

front lat spread bodybuilding pose

Front Relaxed

front relaxed bodybuilding pose

Hands On Hips Most Muscular

hands on hips most muscular bodybuilding pose

Rear Double Bicep

rear double bicep bodybuilding pose

Rear Lat Spread

rear lat spread bodybuilding pose

Side Chest

side chest bodybuilding pose

Side Triceps

side triceps bodybuilding pose


Mandatory Bodybuilding Posing Examples - Part II


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