Dr. Kofi Abrampah: This Man on the Mountain didn't just fall there!

Dr. Kofi Abrampah: Kofi Abrampah was born in Ghana, West Africa and moved to the United States in 1990 to join his family (mother and brother) and continue his education.

After completing High School (Shea High in Pawtucket, RI) in 1992, he enrolled at Rhode Island College, where he received a Bachelor's degree in Molecular Science.

After his first degree he worked as a Research Assistant in the Endocrinology lab at Miriam Hospital, Providence, Rhode Island.

During his clinical rotations, Kofi did internship in a nuclear pharmacy and liked it so much he decided to go into this line of work. So after a year of working, he enrolled in the Doctor of Pharmacy program at University of Rhode Island. He received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2001. So, from now on he is truly known as Doctor Kofi Abrampah or just Dr. Kof.

Dr. Kof currently works as a Nuclear Pharmacist with Amersham Health. As a Nuclear Pharmacist, he compounds and prepares radio pharmaceutics (radioactive drugs). These drugs are used for diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions, ranging from heart, liver, brain, gastrointestinal, kidney, and thyroid diseases and some cancers.

In 1996 Kof started going to the gym to occupy his time. One day, Joe Agostinelli (Former NABF promoter & webmaster saw him at the gym and asked him if he competed in bodybuilding contests and he said "no, I only come to the gym just to stay in shape." Joe said, "you should try competing you would do well." Kof asked Joe when the next NABF contest was going to be held and he said there was one in two weeks (October 1999, his first show) He decided to do that show and placed 4th out of 16 competitors. He loved the competition so much he decided he was going to become one of the best all natural bodybuilders in the world. And by the looks of it he is doing very well considering he has only been competing for less than four years. He has won many shows and never competed without placing in the top five.

During the time competing Kof took a part-time job as a personal trainer at Bally's where he worked with Grant Johnson. Kof asked Grant to consider competing in a bodybuilding contest since he saw Grant's potential. Grant wasn't used to the diet and wasn't sure he would like it. But with Kof's encouragement Grant started doing bodybuilding contests too. Then at the show that they were both in Grant actually beat out Kof and a fun rivalry began.

In 2001 Kof decided to compete in Musclemania Atlantic in Connecticut when he felt the politics of the NABF were becoming too outrageous for him and he was no longer having fun. Joe Agostinelli became the webmaster of the new Musclemania Atlantic web site and both Kof and Grant competed in their first Musclemania show in 2001 and Kof took the overall championship. He loved every moment of the show and that the show was put together so well and to top it off he won the entire show. Kof almost flew off the stage as his named was called out as the overall winner.

During 2001 Kof moved to California to start his career as a nuclear pharmacist but managed to return to the2002 Musclemania Atlantic stage to reclaim his title but Grant Johnson also returned and Grant took the 2002 title that second year for the both them. Kof and Grant were then awarded Musclemania Pro status and invited to compete at the World Championships and the battle was on again. Kof ended up with a third place finish at the World Championships out of 16 professionals, and then the overall winner tested positive for drugs and Kof is now second place in the World of natural bodybuilding.

Missing the East Coast kof has decided to move to Maryland because he misses the culture the East Coast offers. He loves the California weather, however, there is more to life than just great weather. He is still working for the same company but will now be located in Maryland in 2003.

At a current weight of 175lbs. Kof's competition weight is 165lbs. and he stays within 10lbs. of contest weight at all times. He trains his body in parts the Chest and Biceps (day one), Back and Triceps (day two), Legs (day three), and Shoulders and Cardio (day four). He repeats this sequence, thus, starting with Back and Triceps and so on. He does this so that his muscles do not get used to the same routine and never stunts his muscle growth and development.

His diet consists of chicken and rice. And of course some fruits and vegetables. Sometimes he eats this five times a day! Not a very tasty meal but it works for him, and it's very healthy. He supplements with only a daily multi-vitamin.

Kofi enjoys soccer and played during school but these days bodybuilding is his main sport and hobby. If all goes well he is going to be a Musclemania Professional Champion soon! After all, he was second place in his first Pro World competition. Watch out for Dr. Kof!




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