Kelly Wain - Fit, Feminine, Fantastic!

Kelly Wain - Fit, Feminine, Fantastic! Dedicated, hard working and sincere are all words that people use to describe the energetic and bubbly, 29 year old, strawberry-blonde - Kelly Wain. These characteristics help her excel on and off the stage, but it is her ability to balance the role of wife, mother, business owner and fitness competitor, that she is most proud of.

The 5'2", 114 lb., North Billerica, Massachusetts resident enjoys the challenge of balancing her job as a mother of two toddlers and owner of a successful marketing consulting business called Conceptual Communications. "I'm lucky to have been given the wonderful opportunity to operate a business from my home, still allowing me the ability to be a very important part of my children's lives," says Kelly. "I have a very supportive husband who motivates me to be the best that I can be, at everything I do. I am very lucky and grateful for his support." This support, in combination with her two toddlers cheering for her every step of the way, are elementary in helping to motivate Kelly to become a top fitness competitor.

But "Red" as she's nicknamed, is no stranger to competition. As an All American and collegiate level gymnast, Kelly trained in Albany, New York where she grew up. She began her training at the age of ten and continued to compete on a national level up through her collegiate career. "My commitment to the sport of gymnastics and the discipline required to be a top performer, are characteristics that I feel have molded me into the person I am today," says Kelly.

As a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University, Kelly was active both in and out of the gym. She was Student Government President of her class and an honor student graduating with a degree in Corporate Communications in three years!

After several years in corporate America, Kelly married and started a family. It was less than a year ago, just six months after the birth of her second child, that she became interested in competitive fitness. "While training at Pro-Fitness in Billerica, Massachusetts, a bodybuilder suggested I consider a competition," says Kelly. "I was reluctant, but motivated to improve my physique," admits Kelly.

A friend recommended that Kelly consult Cathy Savage of Savage Choreography and Personal Training. After her initial meeting, she knew that competitive fitness would be a fantastic fit for her lifestyle and allow her to physically be the best that she could be. "Cathy had confidence in me and motivated me to train for the Fitness Atlantic Pageant in April 2002," says Kelly. "I've been working with Cathy ever since and rely on her for her professionalism, expertise, honesty and friendship. She is a very talented and funny lady; someone I have truly enjoyed working with and getting to know. I have and would continue to highly recommend her to others."

"Preparing for the Fitness Atlantic Competition in April 2002, was both challenging and exciting," says Kelly. Looking back on her first experience, Kelly enjoyed using her creativity and background as a choreographer to develop her first routine - a 1940's, swing theme to the music of the Brian Setzer Orchestra, "Jump, Jive and Wail". Although pleased that she qualified for the Fitness America Nationals, Kelly knew she could improve her physique and routine to become more competitive. She adjusted her diet and began to focus on a creative, new routine to the theme and music of Dick Tracy. "I wanted to make an impression with this new routine and make it one that viewers would not soon forget," says Kelly. Her new routine is packed with the WOW factor, from start to finish. After a second place finish at the Fitness America Pageant Massachusetts, she felt confident that this routine and her improved physique would help her become more competitive at the National level.

Kelly Wain - Fit, Feminine, Fantastic! "If there's one thing I've learned from my experience thus far, it is how my awareness of a healthy lifestyle, combined with a proper diet, has increased my level of self-esteem. It is a great feeling to look in the mirror and be happy with what you see, pre-contest or not," says Kelly. "I have become accustomed to eating five healthy meals a day, combining the right balance of protein, carbs and fat, and using supplements like Designer Whey, to complement my food intake. This diet doesn't vary much between competitive and non-competitive seasons, so for this reason, my weight doesn't flucuate more than a couple of pounds, which makes it easier for me to prepare for competition," says Kelly. "I do allow myself a "free" meal once a week when I'm not competing," says Kelly. She enjoys Moose Tracks ice cream, her husband's famous waffles and brick oven pizza.

Like many other competitors, Kelly is getting ready for the World Championships of Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness in Redondo Beach, California. Along with her training, she has facilitated a fund raising campaign in her local area to help subsidize the expenses of her training and travel to the National competition. "I have received overwhelming financial support from companies in and around my town, however I want to call special attention to my gym, Pro-Fitness and its members. They are financially supporting me and continue to provide motivation and support throughout my training. I am very thankful for having this type of atmosphere to train," says Kelly.



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