Jonathan Goll

Jonathan Goll A former professional BMX racer, Jon Goll has a competitive drive that he says gives him inspiration and motivation to be a better at everything he does.

A graduate of Bunnell High School and a BS in Marketing and Advertising from Quinnipac College. Jon took a health class in college where the professor ran a collegiate bodybuilding contest. Dr. Michael Dusa, health professor and licensed chiropractor helped Jon prepare for the contest where Jon won his division and his interest has soared ever since.

Jon's completions include:

1998 Mr. Quinnipac Collegiate Champion
1999 Musclemania Atlantic Novice Champion
1999 Musclemania World 3rd Place Heavyweight
2000 Musclemania Atlantic Junior Champion
2001 Musclemania World

Jon Goll is a big man at 6-foot tall weighs a whopping 250 pound off-season and competes at 225 pounds. Jon contributes his size to a diet of the correct amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats. His workout program-training split is two days on and one day off with four sets of 8-12 repetitions and strict form.

Jon says he consumes 9oz of chicken or steak every two hours. He also eats a sweet potato or baked potato along with some streamed vegetables. It is extremely necessary to put the correct amount of protein and overall calories in your body. Only under these conditions will your body be at it's maximum potential for growth. He said he is a die-hard and conscience of what he puts in his body and every time he eats something he asks himself, "Is this going to benefit me?".

I also include dietary supplements with a whey isolate protein, creatine, glutamine, and branch chain amino.

When Jon gives advice to people he tells them, "Enjoy working out but don't make it your life, but use it as a foundation for your life".

He started bodybuilding in college and has been lifting for 7 years now and it has changed his life dramatically. Since then bodybuilding has opened many doors and has taken him all over the United States. He was lucky to receive a sponsorship from "Prosource, America's Sports Supplement Superstore" a mail order company.

He credits his success to the help of his parents and most importantly his wife Kelly, who is his biggest fan and also cooks and weighs all of his meals come contest time.

With the help of Jon, Matt Wargo entered his first bodybuilding competition as a Junior in the 2003 Musclemania Atlantic. Jon took Matt under his wing and helped him prepare train, diet, and learn the proper poses. Currently, Jon is working as a sales rep for a payroll company which he enjoys very much. Jon has a a new website -




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