2001 Guest Poser - Jody Ramos

Jody Ramos Jody Ramos grew up in Providence, Rhode Island. Jody is a real hometown person and really enjoys all that Providence has to offer in terms of the culture and college life, but, most importantly the music. Unlike many large cities, Providence is small enough to acquire many nearly famous live bands in which Jody enjoys to frequent the clubs they play.

Jody has become a popular DJ in the New York City night clubs, as well as investigative work with recovery of criminals and high end security. Although currently, Jody spends half his week in New York City personal training clients that are motivated to change their bodies.

Seriously, Jody has promised himself he would break down and get a real full-time job by age 30, and has himself about a year so he is on the move to finding one soon.

Jody is a definite speed addict. His hobbies include fast cars, fast snow mobiles, and racing wave runners. He is also in the process of restoring his 1969 Chevy Camaro and trying to continually make it faster then his neighbors. He is also somewhat of a 4-wheeling enthusiast and owns a 2002 Jeep Wrangler that he lifted the frame and put large tires to take into the back woods and often trail ride with friends on dirt bikes and other 4-wheelers.

Many people have told Jody he has a talent for restoring kitchens and bathrooms, as his kitchen is somewhat a show piece, although he never really cooks in his kitchen.

Jody's future goals are quite simple. He wants to travel everywhere possible and learn different cultures and lifestyles. He wants to win every contest he enters and would like to try acting at some point in his career.

Jody turned Bodybuilding Professional on a special invite to compete in Musclemania South Beach where he placed second and beating out Stan McQuay and Delino Dixon. From there he has done the two main Pro shows of Musclemania World and Superbody World accounting for the last three years. He finds it difficult to gain mass while doing two shows a year back-to-back.

Jody's placings were never below fifth and as high as third. Jody has never put forth 100% effort into training for any contest in his life. Jody is genetically gifted with symmetry and muscle shape. He never diets or does the amount of cardio as he should. In Jody's last contest he competed in the Superbody World Championships and took fifth place. He admits that he did not diet that hard, and started his diet two weeks too late having too much fun with life.

As far as Jody's diet he usually does nothing but solid foods and maybe one occasional shake a day. It is very high protein and usually about 360 grams and his carbs are all complex. Mainly carbohydrates from oatmeal and brown rice. He eats very bland and only to look a certain way on stage and not for taste. He is always trying new diets, which is why his condition is always different. He is still in the learning process of all of this. One year he tried the high fat very low carb diet. Next time he tried the high carb and very low fat. He found that very complex carbs with low glycemic index works well used with a low fat high protein diet.

Currently, Jody is experimenting with drinking many meal replacement shakes and only two solid meals a day for his off-season. The advantage is that he gets a complex carbohydrates with the ability to up his calories easier since eating has always been his problem. He doesn't like to eat alot of meals and with the shakes his gains have been great. He is getting roughly six to eight meal replacements shakes in each day and two to three solid very healthy meals consisting of lean beef, chicken, or eggwhites with oatmeal. He takes in extra fat grams if he is getting weaker or loosing weight.

His training is balls to the wall tough. Many of his training partners do not last and most of the time he finds himself training alone and looking for a spotter. He starts his training in the second version of Mike Mentzer's Heavy Duty. Not too many people know about it, but extremely intense. An example would be to take 315lbs on a bench, do a ten second negative rep, then press, followed by another ten second negative rep with a press. Try to accomplish that without any help. Do another negative for ten seconds and have someone spot you for two additional ten second negatives. That kills, then drop the weight to 225lbs and do the same thing, then do 135lbs. It will make 135lbs feel like a ton. Reasoning behind this is to exhaust the muscle so you can't even hold the weight up in the strongest range (i.e. the negative). Then he would do one set maybe with dumbells flat ranging weights from 160lbs to 70-80lbs. Try it, if you can last, you may get tears in your eyes every time.

Then Jody switches to the first version of this type of training the following week. His third week of training is very light, with little intensity but extremely fast workouts. Then he repeats the cycle of workouts with a week off after each series. So, he trains for six weeks, takes a week off or has a play week which he calls it where he doesn't train hard at all. Then he follows that up with training of two to three sets - period, not per exercise. An example would be one set of dumbell incline, followed by one set of Hammer Strength incline and one set of pec-deck or flyes. One set each with about eight reps and two forced reps.

A light week of training would be three exercises totaling seven to nine sets. Resting only 90 seconds with reps starting at 20 and ending with 12. No forced reps in these weeks and this is the week he rests for the following week.

Jody supports Musclemania Atlantic and guest posed at the event in 2001 and he continues to participate each year as a judge on a panel of eight qualified judges. We are happy to have quality judges like Jody who care about and understand the effort made by all contestants who compete. Feel free to ask Jody questions about your placing and advice after the Finals at the contest.

Jody Ramos




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