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Grant Johnson As the 2002 Musclemania Atlantic overall winner Grant Johnson is now a Professional natural bodybuilder and qualifies to compete in the Musclemania World Championships!

We asked Grant how he feels just prior to going out on stage before a competition.

"Every time I compete I pretty much feel nervous, and I like that, its my fuel to entertain the audience and judges. If I'm not nervous something's wrong. I like it when I'm nervous."

What types of mental preparations go through your mind just prior to competing?

"I'll rehearse my poses, make sure I'm sharp, and also make sure I stay calm. I just try to be fully aware of everything when I get out there."

What do you have to do to make sure you bring home the trophy?

"I believe I do all I can to prepare. I train very hard and have a very difficult training regimen. Then I just have to get out there and show my body."

What is your training regimen like regularly and how does it change getting ready for a show like this?

"I'm a police officer so I work ten to twelve hours a day and then I go to the gym and work out for at least two hours. I do cardio workouts after that. I train very heavy, lots of sets with low repetitions. I like to work until almost a blood vessel pops. If you go to my gym the people there will tell you that nobody trains like me in New England and maybe even the world."

How did you get started?

"Well, I used to be an amateur wrestler in high school and college, I was also an All-American football player. So, I built my physique from doing that and then weight training became a hobby and now here I am."

Your a cop in uniform and you also have this great physique which one works better for big time play with the ladies?

Laughs - "Well, you know how it is...I'm married, but I always tell people I'm a retired player...I can't participate but I know how to play the game. If you want some tips I'll send you my book" - still laughing.

How does your wife feel about what you do, because some women get jealous?

"My wife is very supportive and she is a very loving woman. She knows women come after me, you know with biceps and a back like this they are gonna come after me. She understands and is secure in our relationship and we really like being together."

Grant But, you know that ankle bracelet she has you wearing also works too, right?

"Oh, don't tell everyone about that." Laughing... "I generally don't let that out but she has me under lock and key. When you have a good one you don't let them go."

What bodyparts do you like to accentuate?

"My back is phenomenal. In the world of natural bodybuilding its hard to get a better back than mine."

Do you have any nick names?

"Mr. Big, at least that what my small amount of fans call me."

Since you told us you had a great back we figured it would be something like - BACK THAT THING UP?

"Well, I do back it up. If you are going to watch me on stage make sure you watch my back shots."

You mentioned natural bodybuilding and this is a natural contest. Does it annoy you and how do you feel about people that do use steroids? Do you even bother talking to them about whats wrong with it?

"Thats a decision that they make and I made a decision to stay lifetime natural. And I take pride in that. What does get me mad is when people won't acknowledge that natural athletes are natural. I'm natural but some people still don't believe that I'm natural. And I have problems with unnatural people competing in natural shows, I have a big problem with that."

"But, as far as people using steroids - thats a decision they made and I believe they will reap what they sow. And if they want to live a fast and hard life then thats what they are going to get when they mess with drugs."

Who would you like to thank?

"I'd like to thank God for my genetics and my base to build from. I train like a madman, I almost sweat blood. Its very emotional for me right now with this victory. I trained very hard especially after last year and not winning, but that was fuel for the fire. I trained for fifteen weeks and I'm very excited right now. And thank God I came out on top."

Is there anything you craved to eat after the contest?

"McDonald's give me a call, I want a Big Mac and fries. I want spaggetti...well. I don't think we have enough time for the list of food I want."

Are you excited about now turning Professional and competing against guys like Jody Ramos and Ade Ray?

"No doubt. This is going to take me to another level but now I have to look at the other side of the coin. Yes, I'm excited but I have to hit the weights even harder now. So here we go."

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