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Rachelle Cannon dvd queen of quads

Rachelle Cannon - Queen of Quads

NEW DVD! We are very happy to be able to offer a high-quality DVD of Rachelle as she passes on her training and nutrition advice for other to achieve outstanding results!

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Kelly Dormandy
Kelly DormandyNatural Female Bodybuilder Kelly Dormandy.
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Victoria Thomas
Victoria ThomasI'm a perfectionist, but I only do what I like. I just make sure I'm good at it :)
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Nanci Lettiero
Nanci LettieroNatural Female Bodybuilder Nanci Lettiero.
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Lisa Santiago
Lisa SantiagoNatural Female Bodybuilder Lisa Santiago.
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Kim Joyal
Kim Joyal Natural Female Bodybuilder Kim Joyal.
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Brenda Ortiz
Brenda OrtizNatural Female Bodybuilder Brenda Ortiz.
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Jenny Tremblay
Jenny TremblayI had attended a bodybuilding competition show as a spectator.
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Jan Darby
Jan DarbyNatural Female Bodybuilder Jan Darby.
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Cheryl Lopardo
Cheryl LopardoNatural Female Bodybuilder Cheryl Lopardo.
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Carla Pagel
Carla PagelFemale Bodybuilder Carla Pagel at the 2006 Fitness Atlantic.
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Ayanna Carroll
Ayanna CarrollI feel fitness has changed my life to the fact that I'm more aware of what I put in my body.
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Jean Jitomir
Jean JitomirI hope to compete successfully in bodybuilding and continue to balance out my physique over time
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Kristen Roth
Kristen RothFemale Bodybuilder Kristen Roth at the 2006 Fitness Atlantic.
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Jessica Brady
Jessica BradyFemale Bodybuilder Jessica Brady at the 2006 Fitness Atlantic.
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Lisa Carrodus
Lisa CarrodusI train 5-6 days a week; taking the second day off only if I feel I need it.
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Cara Lombardo
Cara LombardoMy goal is to look better and better with each competition and continue to learn about the sport.
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Kim Connelly
Kim ConnellyFemale bodybuilder Kim Connelly from MA in 2003 Atlantic.
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Lisa Watson
Lisa WatsonLisa has competed in the Fitness Atlantic 3 times.
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Annette Kaminiski
Annette Kaminski2005 Atlantic Overall Champion from MA.
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Alicia Calaway
Alicia CallowayFormer AAU Ms. CT grew up in Trumbull, Connecticut now lives in NYC.
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Rachelle Cannon
Rachelle Cannon competitor from Maryland.
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Liza Larence
Liza Lawrence2004 World Champion.
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Denise Richardson
Denise Richardson2000 Atlantic Champion and former AAU Ms. America from New York City.
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Dianne Loftis
Diane Loftis2003 Atlantic Overall Champion from Maryland.
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Stephanie Ayers
Stephanie Ayers2002 Atlantic Overall Champion from Connecticut.
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Christy Resendes
Christy Resendes2005 Overall Champion from MA.
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Jennifer Long
Jennifer Long2005 Atlantic Novice Champion from Connecticut.
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Nancy Andrews
Nancy AndrewsBodybuilding is a true individual sport and all of the competition ultimately is with yourself.
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Linda Fredette
Linda FredetteI have been training for strength for over ten years and found that it is an addiction that I will never loose.
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Susan Gnesda
Susan GnesdaBesides bbing I enjoy scrap booking, reading, time with a few close friends. I like to watch movies.
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  • 2012 WBFF Eastern US Championship
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  • Fitness Atlantic 2007 NPC Dutchess Classic
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  • Rachelle Cannon – Queen of Quands
  • Hugh Ross Access Granted
  • 2013 Fitness Atlantic DVD