Domingo Tanco

Domingo Tango My name is Domingo Tanco and welcome to my world. A native New Yorker, born and raised in the Bronx to a Puerto Rican family after 5 years in the boggy down Bronx we moved to the Lower East Side of Manhattan and lived in a two bedroom apartment with one younger sister and my mother and father.

My parents got me involved in gymnastics at just seven years old. This was a wonderful outlet, keeping me away from the temptations that often consumed many of the young kids in my neighborhood. I was determined to be successful in the sport and competed for the YMCA and then the High School of Performing Arts where I became captain also. All I did was eat, sleep, and drink gymnastics while other kids were out socializing and abusing other substances I was practicing my sport. Gymnastics is my first love, it is my foundation, which I truly owe everything, and it has taught me sportsmanship and many other important values. It develops the whole body physically and mentally; it gave me strength, balance, and agility.

Towards the end of my senior year in high school I obtained a serious injury to my elbow and I knew my dream of becoming an Olympic hopeful was impossible. So I went to college and pursued my art at New York City Technical College and the fashion Institute of Technology while continuing to do gymnastics just for my pleasure but with a strong background in fitness, becoming a personal trainer was a natural career progression for me.

As a personal trainer I have the opportunity to work with various types of people due to the incredible mix of cultures that make up New York City. I want to take my experience with sport specific training, rehabilitation, and overall fitness to help people achieve health-related goals. I have worked closely with many different professionals including registered dietitians and physical therapists, which I can consult with at any time.

Later I got involved in bodybuilding competitions where I took the foundation I built through years of gymnastics and incorporated the principles of bodybuilding and found a new outlet for my passion to compete and perform. Along with my bodybuilding I have also done some modeling in which I have appeared in various publications, ads and music videos.

Modeling Job List:

Notorious B.I.G. video - Nonno Lee video - Cover model for photography book "Prometheus" - YMCA billboard model - Poster model for the public theater "Insurrection" - Fashion model "Men Mode" magazine - Displayed in photography book "Exposed" - Underwear model for "Indonesia" and "Details" - Athletic model for "Pride" magazine.

Professional Experiences:

Exercise Physiologist at Harlem Hospital, New York City (Present)
Gymnastics Coach, Personal Trainer at McBurney YMCA (1987 - Present)
Personal Trainer at New York Sports Club (1999-2000)
Personal Trainer at World Gym, Greenwich Village (1996-1999)
Personal Trainer at Steel Gym, NYC
BFA in Art and Advertising: Fashion Institute of Technology
AAS in Art and Advertising Design: New York City Technical
AIS (Active Isolation Stretching) Certification
AFFA (Aerobic Fitness Foundation of America) CPT
CPR/First Aid

Athletic Background:

Competitive Gymnast since age 7
Competitive Bodybuilder for 7 years

Bodybuilding History:

2nd Place: 1998 NGA (National Gym Association) New York
1st Place: 1999 NGA Hercules Bodybuilding Competition, New York
2nd Place: 2000 Musclemania Atlantic, Connecticut
2nd Place: NPC Natural Northeastern, New Jersey
4th Place: 2001 Musclemania Atlantic, Connecticut
6th Place: 2002 Musclemania Atlantic, Connecticut
3rd Place: 2003 Musclemania Atlantic, Connecticut

Interest and Hobbies:

Athletic Modeling
Graphic Arts
Computer Design
Toy Collector
Comic Books

Rollerblading is great! I like the fact that it gives me a workout and it gets me around New York City, it is my main transportation. I'm a real New Yorker and have no driver's license but I do own a motorcycle license? Funny huhI'm working on that.

I like to travel any chance I get and I have been to several states and Puerto Rico a few times but I really enjoy traveling aboard, I have been to Australia, London, Paris, Germany, Amsterdam, and Ireland. "Have passport will travel!"

As an athlete, I acquired years of experience in sports specific training, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, exercise prescription, and bodybuilding for competition. With my non-threatening, very approachable personality, my clients feel comfortable at whatever their level of fitness. I enjoy working with all types of people and helping them reach their personal fitness goals.

I love children and teaching them what I know. I have been working for the YMCA since my early teens as a counselor and later as a gymnastics instructor and now as a personal trainer. I also currently work for Harlem Hospital and help train AIDS/HIV patients. The doctors and nutritionist feel the same as I do and we help patients slow the wasting process and the effects of the harmful drugs they are given. Some of our work is printed in medical abstracts.

I am currently in the process of going back to school to get a Masters in physical education so that I can become a teacher.

I hope that I can motivate others to utilize the benefits of physical activity to reach personal goals. It is often discouraging looking at unrealistic role models that cover many pages of almost all bodybuilding publications. I think that my symmetry and muscular size is one that many people can inspire to achieve and think possible due to my strong belief in natural bodybuilding.

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