Frank "Cheach" Celentano = PROTEEM

Cheach Cheach started his 30th year in the gym this January, 2003. He originally started training as a rehab for football. He continued to play several sports and always incorporated weight training (bodybuilding) into each season.

Cheach managed to compete in both powerlifting & bodybuilding events at the same time he played my other sports. Because of his attention to academics as well as his physical side he was the recipient of two scholar athlete awards.

Throughout his career he has never been injured in the gym lifting weights, but unfortunately he did have several major injuries to deal with his entire career as a police officer. Bodybuilding has saved him from catastrophe several times, and has been a major reason he is still in the shape he is in today.

Cheach believes that a bodybuilding lifestyle, when done as it was originally intended, is the healthiest of all. The sports world has grasped the lifestyle to further athletics to where it is now, and the medical world is catching on rapidly. A strong mind & body should go hand in hand. What good is one without the other?

His most major titles are: sports background

All-Natural Mr. USA (over-all)
All-Natural North American (over-all)
Eastern Seabord (over-all)
2 times Mr. Connecticut (over-all)
All American (class winner)
2 times Natural Connecticut (class winner)
2 times Northeastern (class winner)
Tri-State Powerlifting Division Winner
He has accumulated over 100 trophies and won titles in
six different organizations. Cheach has been competing
as a professional natural bodybuilder with the W.N.B.F. and he is looking to move up the ladder in victories.

Other sports he has also participated in are wrestling, boxing, hockey, basketball, and swimming throughout his high school & amateur levels. Baseball was taken to the collegiate level, and football on the collegiate level & a few weeks of an NFL training camp.

Cheach is a master personal trainer and qualified to certify personal other personal trainers. He holds degrees in Sports & Exercise Sciences, studied nutrition and sports massage and has continued to take related courses over the years and have kept up with all the newest research.

He also speaks to young people as often as possible and runs a program called "Natural Lift" over many years. Cheach tries to instill a healthier way of living, and keep those prone to using drugs means natural. He does this by educating & supporting them, giving them reasonable alternatives that will last longer and be healthier in the long run. He also has a background in emergency medicine. With 15 years as an E.M.T. and 21 years as a police officer then sergeant & 11 years as a S.W.A.T. team leader.

Cheach has been a trainer, nutrition consultant and coach to hundreds of people over the years. His clients have ranged from everyday people with a serious goal to change their bodies and the way they feel, to celebrities and elite professional athletes. He specializes in taking trainees beyond their accepted genetic capabilities naturally. In the past two years, he has coached four people to their pro cards and his team has collected over thirty major titles in this same time. He also wore every hat there is in bodybuilding. Having sponsored, run, expedited and promoted bodybuilding contests.

He has been a judge many times and has judged almost every bodybuilding organization. He loves the people involved and the bodybuilding lifestyle. He truly enjoys the challenge and process that bodybuilding entails.



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