Avoid Holiday Fat Gain

I’ve been hooking you up with powerful fatburning workout and diet tips from my buddy Adam Steer all week. And now I’m going to tell you why his new Bodyweight Burn plan is the PERFECT solution for getting LEAN over the holidays. Yeah, you read that right… You... READ MORE

Common Sense Fitness and Nutrition

Useful facts, concepts, techniques and strategies to help you achieve your fitness goals. 1. Make your goal – Fitness for Life. You will be much more successful if you approach bodybuilding and fitness preparation not as a short-term goal (i.e. 12 weeks out),... READ MORE

How Bodybuilding.com Started

The Very Beginning In 1995, I was fighting acne while the Internet was just starting to become popular. I was a big fan of computers and was lucky enough to be able to “get online” before a lot of my friends even knew what that meant. I was already dating... READ MORE