Fitness Model Release Forms – Know The Details

by Brian Cannone If you are a fitness model, one thing you should be very conscious of is your images! There are many models that do not understand their rights to their images, or the details pertaining to any release forms. This can be devastating to any models... READ MORE

Fitness Expo Exhibitor Booths

As a company that focuses on the fitness industry there are many things you can do to help promote your company and/or product. One way that companies can showcase their efforts and products is by attending a fitness event! It isn’t just about a booth at a show, but... READ MORE

How Started

The Very Beginning In 1995, I was fighting acne while the Internet was just starting to become popular. I was a big fan of computers and was lucky enough to be able to “get online” before a lot of my friends even knew what that meant. I was already dating... READ MORE