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What is all the commotion in Connecticut in April? Well, everything was typical for a spring day in New England. So, that leaves only one thing - an iron-pumping extravaganza in Wallingford, Connecticut. That's right your favorite show packed with over 150 superstar fitness-crazed natural athletes!


"Fitness Atlantic Weekend" has become one of the largest natural bodybuilding and fitness events in the country. A Professional Qualifier for the World Championships and Fitness Model Search.


Brian Cannone, the event organizer, began his full-time career in the fitness industry in 1991 and continues to manage health clubs in Connecticut today. His experience in this business has lead him to run many successful health clubs and his responsibilities include setting up new facilities, building and managing a staff, daily membership sales, personal training, and club marketing and promotion. He is also certified as a personal trainer, nutrition consultant, and spin instructor.


Brian decided to compete in his first bodybuilding contest in 1992 and placed second in a natural bodybuilding event titled the Milford County Bodybuilding Championships, then in his second show placed third in the East Coast Iron Classic and then following that third in the Mr. Connecticut in 1993. Even though Brian wasn't the overall winner in these events he did place fairly and he was always a crowd favorite since he sold the largest amount of tickets and promoted the events he competed in like crazy at his local gym.


Brian became friends with Fred Yale the promoter of the AAU physique contests and he also became a volunteer for the bodybuilding events in 1993. Brian started helping Fred with ideas for the show such as adding elements of stage design to the events. While most promoters did a great job for the competitors Brian felt it should also be entertaining for the audience to watch. When Fred Yale became more involved with the AAU Jr. Olympic Games he handed the bodybuilding events over to Brian in 1994.


Brian went into promoting with enthusiasm and a very genuine love for the sport. His approach and feelings about bodybuilding are that it is not only a sport but more of a way to motivate yourself and others to achieve results of loosing body-fat and gaining lean muscle along with improving overall health. By competing in natural bodybuilding you push yourself to be in your best possible shape of your life. In fact, he believes that it is more about the results you gain then the trophy you may take home with you.


With fitness results in mind Brian trained nearly every competitor that competed in the Milford County and Mr. and Ms. Connecticut events, most of these new bodybuilders then competed for their first time and they were overwhelmed with their accomplishments. This is a sport that the contestants can't loose for it is their physique that is the trophy and the process of getting into great shape that is the reward


In 1998 the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) decided to discontinue physique contests as one of the 52 sports the organization would offer. The AAU was the very first sanctioning body of the sport of bodybuilding but decided to focus on youth sports and not bodybuilding as a sport so it would no longer be offered. In October of 1998 Brian co-promoted a ANBC (American Natural Bodybuilding Conference) and Fitness America Pageant Connecticut Regional event with CJ Bouchard and during this time also started planning the very first Fitness Atlantic Championships. Since Brian was going to travel to California for his first time he made a decision to compete in the World Championships in November of 1998. The World was everything Brian had ever imagined a contest to be with incredible stage settings, television coverage, major sponsors and tons of exposure. His intention was to watch how they produced the event and then copy the entire event in Connecticut, and not only that but he ending up walking away with a fifth place trophy.


The Fitness Atlantic event was the best transition Brian could have made from the AAU natural events and the stage settings Brian had been doing all along but, this time the event was held at the Palace Theatre, a 2,000 seat auditorium with professional sound systems and lighting instead of a high school auditorium. Brian's years of producing fitness events has gone over well and he is thankful that the athletes continue to support the annual event. The 1999 event was a true success and the event continues to grow today and new athletes come to Connecticut from experienced to novice and many going on to become world champions. The event has also taken notice from major health and nutrition companies and many have supported the event and take part in making the show a success.


Now get ready as Fitness Atlantic invades the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, Connecticut.



1991 - 1997
World Gym Plus
Trumbull, Connecticut Membership Sales and Personal Trainer
1997 - 1998
In Shape Fitness Center
Branford, Connecticut Fitness Director and Head Trainer
Gold's Gym - Norwalk, Connecticut General Manager
1998 - 2008
Ultimate Fitness Centers
Shelton, Fairfield and New Haven Connecticut Regional Manager


Competition History

1991 AAU Milford County - 2nd place Men's Tall
1992 NPC East Coast Iron Classic - 3rd place and crowd favorite
1992 AAU Mr. Connecticut - 3rd place Men's Tall - 3rd Juniors
1998 ANBC Constitution State - Guest Poser
1998 Musclemania World - 5th place
Bodybuilding Team Trophies (World Gym Trumbull)
1993 AAU Milford County
1994 NPC East Coast Iron Classic
1996 AAU Milford County
1996 Mr. and Ms. Connecticut
1997 East Coast Iron Classic
1997 AAU Milford County
1998 AAU Milford County


Judging Experience

NABF Connecticut Supernatural
ANBC Connecticut State
2000 Head Judge Musclemania Superbody, NY
2004 Head Judge Musclemania New York
2005 Head Judge Musclemania Superbody 2006
2006 Ms Bikini Universe
2006 Head Judge Musclemania World
2007 Head Judge Musclemania World
2008 INBF NE Classic and Masters Pro
2009 Head Judge Musclemania Superbody
2010 WBFF Quebec Championships
2010 WBFF World Championships


Bodybuilding and Fitness Shows Produced:

1.1994 A.U.U. Milford County
2.1994 A.U.U. Mr. and Ms. Connecticut
3.1995 A.U.U. Milford County
4.1995 A.U.U. Mr. and Ms. Connecticut
5.1996 A.A.U. Milford County
6.1996 A.A.U. Mr. and Ms. Connecticut
7.1997 A.A.U. Milford County
8.1997 A.A.U. Mr. and Ms. Connecticut
9.1997 A.A.U. East Coast Iron Classic
10.1998 A.A.U. Milford County
11.1998 A.A.U. Mr. and Ms. Connecticut
12.1999 Fitness Atlantic Championships
13.2000 Fitness Atlantic Championships
14.2001 Fitness Atlantic Championships
15.2002 Fitness Atlantic Championships
16.2003 Fitness Atlantic Championships
14.2003 New England Fitness Weekend, Boston, MA
15.2004 Fitness Atlantic Championships
16.2005 Fitness Atlantic Championships
17.2006 Fitness Atlantic Championships
18.2007 Fitness Atlantic Championships
19.2008 Fitness Atlantic Championships
20.2009 Fitness Atlantic Championships
21.2010 Fitness Atlantic Championships






Books by Brian Cannone

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