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Mr. Ct. 1998 Ralph Remy

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I started competing after attending the AAU Mr./Ms. Connecticut a bodybuilding show and the girlfriend at the time Donna Schultz who was a bodybuilder. She suggested that I give it a try so I competed in Brian Cannone and Fred Yale's AAU Milford County contest in the junior division.

I grew up in Haiti and started weight lifting after I saw Arnold in Commando I was 13 years old.

Arnold inspired me but it was my trainer CJ Bouchard that helped me get into shape to compete.

I am Connecticut State 5 times Overall Winner. I won the AAU Mr. Connecticut, ANBC CT State, ANBC Constitution State, INBF Connecticut and NPC Connecticut State Champion. I also competed and placed first in the AAU Mr. America and first in AAU Mr. USA.

The INBF qualified me to compete in the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation and I have competed two times in the World Championships.

I would not have had any guidance up until if worked with my trainer CJ Bouchard at World Gym in Orange and now I train with Mike Mariano who is CJ's cousin. Now and then CJ will make a call to check in on me.

I work out at the Fitness Edge and Gold's Gym in New Haven, CT.

I use Prolab Nutrition Creatine, Muscletech Fat Burners, a multi-vitamin, Glutamine, and Branch Chain Amino Acids.

I enjoy seeing results and my goal is loosing fat and building muscle.

Working out has given me more focus, drive, energy, and more organized in life.

My diet is simple - high protein and low carbs.


Turkey, Fish, Steak, Chicken, Egg whites Sweet Potatoes, Brown Rice, Oatmeal Cheats include pizza and ice cream from Stone Cold Creamery

I workout two days and then take one day off.

Day 1. Chest, Shoulders and Triceps

Day 2. Legs

Day 3. Back Triceps


Cardio varies from 3-5 sessions each week with running outside or treadmill

Bodybuilder Ralph Remy

At this time I work for Coke Cola New England as an account manager and merchant and I'm also a full-time college student.

I want to finish my education and open my own business and have a family.

Growing up I played soccer and tennis.

My mother has been very supportive through my bodybuilding career and she helped prepare my foods in the beginning. I couldn't have accomplished the placings I took in shows without the support of my mother.

I enjoy collecting remote control cars and I am also an artist and I paint. I just purchased my first home and now also enjoy home remolding.

Two years a go I had a bad lung infection that really got me out of the bodybuilding scene and before that setback I also tore a hamstring in 2003 at two weeks to go for a contest.

My idols are Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods.

My favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys.

My favorite movies include James Bond, The Hunt for Red October, Bad Boys, The Matrix, Transformers, and American Gangster.

Favorite TV shows are CSI, CSI Miami, and Law and Order.



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