John Joseph Quinlan

Age: 35

Birth Date: 10-30-1974

Birth Place: Winchester, Massachusetts

Current Residence: Boston, Massachusetts

Height & Weight: 5’10 200lbs.

1. Why did you start competing or plan to do so?
1998 back in the day and won a few bodybuilding shows then made the transition into the world of professional wrestling.

2. What or who inspired you?
My great friends around me, especially one of my greatest workout partners back then Manny Catalano who is no longer on this earth with us.

3. The shows you have done or plan to do?
1998 NABA Tri-State: 1st Junior, 4th Open Light Heavyweight 1998 NABA Junior USA: 1st Junior, 3rd Open Light Heavyweight 1998 NABA Pro-Am America Nationals: 2nd Junior Overall Scheduled to compete in the 2010 Fitness Star Model Search World Championship in Toronto, Ontario, Canada this November.

4. Who helped you get started?
Too many friends to name, they all know who they are and I will be forever grateful.

5. Who helps you now?
Many of my “old school” gym friends.

6. Where do you work out?
All over Masachusetts, but my favorite gym was World Gym, Lynnfield, Massachusetts that is no longer in business.

7. What supplements and vitamins do you use?
A good multi vitamin like Spectro-3, whey protein, calcium and magnesium. Creatine monohydrate and some good branch chain amino acids. I love the Vitamin Shoppe as well, great prices!

8. What results have you achieved?
Getting into competition shape and staying active in the fitness community keeps me in good shape.

9. How has fitness changed your life?
Not just me, but I think it gives everybody a great sense of accomplishment and pride. All the great friends I have made in the fitness world. We all have a mutual respect for each other because we all know what it is like to make sacrifices and stay disciplined to reach our goals.

10. What are your fitness goals?
To be the best I can be and work hard at doing that and whatever happens just happens.

11. What is your diet like?
Breakfast: Protein shake – 2 scoops of whey protein / 1 cup of oatmeat / 1 banana / 1 cup of raisans / 1 cup of total cereal ALL blended together with spring water and crushed ice / 1-2 cups of water Mid-Morning Snack: 8 egg whites / 2 slices of German Dark wheat bread / 1 orange / 1-2 cups of water Lunch: 2 cups of pasta / grilled chicken / garden salad with oil and vinegar / 1-2 cups of water Mid-Afternoon Snack: protein shake / 1 apple / 1-2 cups of water Dinner: grilled chicken, lean meat or fish / 1 cup of brown rice / steamed vegetables / 1-2 cups of water My favorite cheat food is Greek pizza.

12. Your workout schedule?
Monday: Chest / Abs / Calves Tuesday: Biceps / Triceps / Cardio (30 minutes) Wednesday: Shoulders / Neck / Abs Thursday: Quads / Calves / Cardio (30 minutes) Friday: Back / Forearms / Abs Saturday: Off Sunday: Off

13. What is your occupation?
Former natural bodybuilder, professional wrestler and fitness model.

14. What are some other goals in your life?
To be the best dad I can be to my children, my greatest gifts from God.

15. Other sports you have participated in?
Baseball in high school and some in college during my freshmen year at Saint Leo University and my sophomore year at Springfield College.

16. Family, friends, thank you’s?
Right now I have 2 sons, Troy and Cole who are the greatest little boys in the world. I have blessed to have such great family and friends around me as long as I can remember.

17. Hobbies?
Anything fun with the kids, movies, recreational sports etc.

18. Life challenges?
Everybody has a busy schedule and as Tyrese Gibson says, “if you can find time to eat, you can find time to workout”. Set aside a specific time each day to get some exercise, especially for the kids. 30 minutes a day is good for you physically as well as mentally.

19. Obstacles you have overcome?
Had a real bad back injury from wrestling and training over the years but I have overcome that injury.

20. Anything else?
Love the Boston Red Sox!