When it comes to fat loss, research has shown over and over again that fast, metabolic workouts are the best way to ignite crazy fat burning and take your fitness to the next level. Working faster (not longer) and taking super short breaks will help create a massive metabolic disturbance, putting you on the fast track to fat loss.

Even better, performing these metabolic resistance workouts with equipment that allows you to move from exercise to exercise quickly increases their effectiveness. Like said, taking super short breaks is integral to igniting fat loss, as it’s what’s going to really ramp up your metabolism.

That’s actually why I like kettlebells so much for fat loss, and have been excitedly raving about Neghar Fonooni’s Lean & Lovely program this week.

Neghar is a world-renowned kettlebell and fat loss expert, and is Queen of the Kettlebell Quickie—fast and effective workouts that are designed to help you blast fat even when time is limited.

Neghar uses these intense, total-body metabolic workouts to help clients all over the world shed insane amounts of fat and develop Lean & Lovely bodies. She uses kettlebells so often with clients because they require absolutely no set up—just grab and go! Which means that when it comes to getting metabolic and taking minimal breaks, kettlebells reign supreme.

This type of total-body metabolic training should be the foundation of what you do in the gym. It will make sure that you are simultaneously building strength, developing lean shapely muscle, and of course blasting fat like crazy. It’s the most efficient and effective way to get fit, as it combines everything you need into one workout—saving you time without costing you results.

But again, what makes these workouts so effective is how intense they are. Because they are so completely challenging, you simply cannot expect to do these workouts every day. You need time in between workouts to recover and regenerate, ensuring that you can come back to every workout fresh and ready to crush.

I highly caution you against taking a “balls to the wall” approach every single day, as you’ll find that it actually stalls your fat loss goals rather than supercharging them.

Don’t get me wrong, though, I’m not suggesting that you remain sedentary—quite the contrary!

The more you move, the more you’ll be able to tackle your fat loss goals and increase your metabolism. You don’t want to be lazy on your non-gym days and you want to feel as though you’re doing as much as you can to develop and maintain your physique.

And that is why it’s vitally important to make sure that you stay active on your off days, when you aren’t doing metabolic fat loss workouts.

Most people naturally assume they should be doing cardio on their off days to encourage fat loss, which is actually not the most effective choice. In fact, the absolute best option is something you might not expect: YOGA.

Yup, yoga! I know, you’ve probably never considered yoga as a fat-burning tool. You might think that yoga is lame or isn’t really effective for building lean muscle or losing fat—but I want you to think again.

Yoga isn’t just stretching, and it isn’t always slow. It can be challenging and fast paced, and can even help burn a ton of calories. You’ll challenge your body in far different ways than you would at the gym, and it’s that kind of diversity of movement that will really help take your fat loss attempts to the next level.

Yoga is, without a doubt, the perfect way to add low-impact, high-yield exercise into your routine on days when you aren’t hitting the gym. It’ll help you to recover from intense, metabolic resistance workouts, and won’t steal from the energy necessary to crush it at the gym.

Today, I want to share with you three surprising reasons why you should do yoga on your off days, and how doing so will help ignite crazy fat loss.


Vinyasa yoga (or flow yoga) is a total body, power based type of yoga practice. This means that you’ll be moving from one pose to the next, using your own bodyweight as resistance. You’ll flow from standing poses to inversions, arm balances, and core focused movements.

In a Vinyasa yoga practice, you’ll use your legs as a base, often attempting one-leg poses, and engage your glutes for stability. You’ll strengthen and sculpt your shoulders through inverted poses and plank poses, and you’ll engage your core THE ENTIRE TIME. With Vinyasa, you are constantly moving, and constantly using your entire body.

While these flows are incredibly challenging, they’re also incredibly low impact. This means that even when you aren’t crushing you metabolic workouts, you can use your entire body to tackle fat loss without overtraining.


Unfortunately, when I tell people to take days off from the gym, they end up forgoing movement altogether on those days—often sitting at a desk for 8 hours before coming home to sit on the couch for 5 more.

“Off-days” become sedentary days, and they end sore as hell when they get back to the gym. Obviously this soreness impedes the ability to move freely, which in turn reduces the effectiveness of your metabolic resistance workouts.

If sore muscles keep you from feeling like you can move, how can you be expected to really work hard during your fat loss circuits? Remember, you’re going to be doing intense, total body metabolic circuits—if any part of your body is inhibited, it’ll affect how much you’re able to put into and get out of your workouts.

Not to mention that when you feel this extreme soreness, you’re really unlikely to stay consistent with your workouts, and as we all know, consistency is the key to fat loss. If soreness forces you to skip a bunch of workouts, you’re not going to stay on track and you won’t see results.

When your muscles are sore after a challenging weight training workout, what they really need isn’t dormancy—it’s blood flow. That’s why it’s important to incorporate active recovery on your off days, encouraging blood flow to broken down muscle tissue.

Yoga is the perfect form of active recovery because it’s low impact, total body, and works on flexibility and mobility—all in one.

Practicing yoga on your off days will help you train harder on gym days by improving blood flow through active recovery and diminishing delayed onset muscle soreness.


Metabolic resistance training, as discussed, is the surest way to blast fat and simultaneously gain strength and lean muscle. But strength training can also make muscles tight, and without focused flexibility your body can begin to move inefficiently due to limited range of motion.

When your body moves freely, you will actually be able to recruit more muscles, increasing power output—which means more fat loss. The more you can incorporate your entire body through movement, the more your metabolism will benefit as a result.

But honestly, who has time to stretch?! Stretching is boring, and most of us would rather spend our time hitting the weights and getting our sweat on.

Even if you do make time for stretching though, if done incorrectly stretching can actually prove useless. Which means that time that you’re setting aside for stretching is actually a complete waste of time.

Yoga will naturally stretch your muscles and mobilize your joints by flowing through a variety of poses. Plus, you get to do so while also doing some pretty fun and challenging things with your body. With this increased mobility, your body will be able to move more efficiently, ensuring that when you lift weights you’ll actually recruit more muscles and burn more fat while you’re at it.

I know what you’re thinking though: who has time for yoga?

Classes are typically 60-90 minutes in length, and when you factor in travel time, plus set-up time at the studio, that can add up to 3 hours out of your day! Most of us have jobs, kids, family obligations, and errands to run. It’s hard enough to find time to get to the gym!

Truth be told, time is our only non-renewable resource, and I believe in protecting it and using it wisely. That’s why I encourage fast, metabolic workouts, and why I think Lean & Lovely is such a great program—it saves time, which is precious indeed.

Yoga is HUGELY important to not only fat loss, but to a well-balance lifestyle, but not if it’s eating up your entire day. Yoga should be accessible and attainable to EVERYONE, so that just about anyone can reap its many benefits.

Yoga will supercharge your fat loss efforts and enrich your lifestyle, and I don’t want you to miss out on it because of time. I don’t want lack of time to ever be a reason for not doing something that is going to so deeply enhance your life.

That’s why I’m so excited to share with you a special bonus for anyone who picks up Lean & Lovely this week: Lean & Lovely YOGA! (<<< But you have to grab it this week, and you won’t find these yoga flows ANYWHERE ELSE!)

With Lean & Lovely you already get 12 weeks of intense fat-burning metabolic workouts, 100 pages of nutritional guidance, fat-burning recipes, and 25 bonus sweat sessions—and now you’re getting yoga, too! I know, it seems to good to be true, but it’s a fact.

As a bonus to the already amazing, fat-burning, life-changing Lean & Lovely program, Neghar is including some pretty incredible follow-along yoga flows to help you take your fat loss to the next level. With these flows you’ll get the total body movement, flexibility, and recovery benefits I mentioned, plus the satisfaction that you CAN find time for yoga.

That’s because Lean & Lovely Yoga flows are done in just 20 minutes. Seriously, TWENTY MINUTES. Now, that doesn’t mean they’re easier or less effective than longer yoga session, it just means they’re efficiently designed and can easily fit into your life. They’re fast paced and specifically designed to help you lose fat without wasting time.

Even people who have never tried yoga before, or are apprehensive about whether or not yoga is “for them” have fallen in love with these flows. Neghar’s style of yoga is specifically designed for gym-goers, and can convert even the most skeptical person into a yoga-loving lifter!

No matter where you are in your yoga practice, these flows will benefit you exponentially. Whether you’ve never done yoga before, or are an advanced yogi, you’ll get a lot of use out of these follow-along videos. And honestly, at just 20 minutes a day, can you afford not to include yoga into your life?

Can you afford not to invest in your Lean & Lovely body with metabolic workouts, nutritional guidance, AND yoga? I mean this program is the total package! And this week only, this comprehensive transformation program is on sale for 50% off the retail price—that means on Friday at midnight, Lean & Lovely goes back up to it’s normal price.

Not to mention that these yoga flows cannot be purchased anywhere else. Neghar has been teasing us for months with talk of a full Yoga DVD, but that project is still easily 6 months in the future. Right now, the ONLY way to benefit from Neghar’s unique and effective yoga style is through Lean & Lovely. Which is why I want you to act now, and take the first step towards creating your Lean & Lovely body.

What’s stopping you from investing in yourself? What’s keeping you from doing everything you can to make your fat loss goals happen NOW? I don’t want you to wait one more day. I want you to start becoming the strongest, leanest, happiest version of you, and it all starts with the Lean & Lovely program.