Why these 3 UNBELIEVABLE problems in 90% of fitness programs keep people fat

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Today, I want to share with you the exact reasons this is. I’m going to lay out the TOP THREE things most fitness programs get wrong. I’m going to share the top 3 Unbelievable Truths about programs-and how even some the “best” ones are guilty of committing these crimes.

Of course, I’m going to show you how to spot these things and how to avoid them.

Most important, I’m going to show you the exact reasons why, when a program that takes these Truths into account-like Lean & Lovely does-it will make progress faster, easier, and permanent.

When you read these truths, it will change the way you look at EVERYTHING.

So let’s get into all the things that make a great program truly different from the others, you may have seen…and how that will FIX the problem others have caused.

Unbelievable TRUTH# 1:
Over 68% of Women Use Workouts That Are NOT Designed for Women

That is a crazy statistic, but it’s true. Well above half of the women who are trying to get in shape and build their best bodies are using programs NOT designed for them.

Now, I don’t want to turns this into a whole debate about whether women should train differently from men. Because the facts are: 1) any exercise is better than no exercise, and 2) just about anyone can get SOME benefit from a good program.

But do you really want SOME benefit? Or do you want to radically change your body and your life? I’m better it’s the latter.

While “gender neutral” fitness programs are fine, and even workouts designed for men CAN work, the fact is, they are missing out on some crucial key components that women need to address if they really want to get maximal benefit in the minimum time.

Any woman can tell you that we have special considerations. I’m not just talking about that time of the month. I’m talking about actual hormonal differences between men and women.

To start: men naturally have higher testosterone. Women have higher estrogen and progesterone. That part, you know.

What you might not know is that these simple hormonal differences HUGELY affect where you gain fat, and how you lose it!

It’s pretty obvious if you look at where men and women store their body fat: men tend to store it in the belly and love handles; women store it in the hips and thighs. There reason for this is hormones.

Because of the higher estrogen and progesterone, women have a MUCH higher concentration of Alpha-1 fat receptors in the lower body.

This makes it VERY easy to gain fat there, and very HARD to lose fat from there.

And let me tell you, fixing it isn’t as simple as doing more exercise. In fact, that’s not the way to go about it at all. Instead, you want to do DIFFERENT TYPES of exercise, as well as eat differently.

Certain training methodologies can help shift your hormonal environment very slightly. And that’s really all it takes.

An increase of just 1% in the right direction can have an IMMEDIATE effect on your Alpha-1 fat receptors, making losing fat in your trouble areas something that happens automatically…instead of something you have to struggle with for years.

Remember, Lean & Lovely was specifically designed for women, by a woman. It purposefully addresses these hormonally influenced fat storage patterns through both training AND nutrition.

Not only are Lean & Lovely workouts going to help you drop fat you’re your most stubborn areas, the strategies in the Nutrition Handbook are going to make sure that you’ll be eating to support that-and that means keeping it off for good.

Unbelievable TRUTH# 2:
The VAST Majority of Fitness Plans ARE NOT Designed for Permanent Results

I’m sure you’ve experienced this before: you start a fitness plan or some diet. Maybe you’ve heard great things about it. Maybe you’re hoping it’ll be the one that FINALLY works.

And it does, for a while. Then it STOPS. Dead. You hit a plateau.

You keep going, and nothing happens. So you do the logical thing and try out a different plan. And the UNTHINKABLE happens: you don’t lose any more weight, you start to GAIN it.

The reaction is pretty easy to predict: more workouts, crash dieting, water depletion. But as it turns out, more is NOT better. In fact…it makes it worse.

Oh…and when you finally go back to your “normal” habits, you gain all of the weight back. If you haven’t already that is. Sometimes, you gain even more.

If you’re really lucky, and are willing to diet forever, you’ll be a few pounds lighter.

This is the classic two-steps-forward-one-step back dance that nearly ALL of my clients have had to go through at some point or another. Lose the weight, gain the weight back, lose the weight, gain the weight back AGAIN-wash, rinse, repeat.

And just like you, they wanted off the merry-go-round.

Lean & Lovely helped them stop the cycle.

Here’s why: most fitness plans are very one-dimensional. They focus on something specific, like “low carb.” Or maybe they are all about “gluten-free.” If they focus on exercise, they only use ONE style of training.

All of which means this: they fail to stay ahead of your body’s Adaptation Curve.

You may know this, but your body is a really intelligent organism. And whatever you do for your fitness, your body will very quickly adapt to it. That is, it’ll “get used” to the stimulus, and stop responding.

This is great from the evolutionary perspective of survival…but it makes losing fat A LOT harder.

And so if you really want to avoid going two steps forward and step back, you need to stay as far ahead of your body’s Adaptation Curve as possible.

If you don’t…if you keep doing the same thing, just MORE or harder, you won’t make progress. In fact, that’s what often causes people to gain the weight back. As the graph above shows, once your body is too acclimated to the stimulus, it will do the opposite of what you want.

Which is why you need to stay ahead of the adaptation curve, if you want to lose weight, and KEEP it off.

Put another way, you have to “trick” your body by changing thing every so often. But you can’t do it haphazardly – that would makes things worse. You need to do it STRATEGICALLY.

That way, you keep progressing, and NEVER hit a plateau.

So, how do you do it?

Simple. It’s called Progressive ProgrammingTM. This is one of my little secrets, and it is only of the ONLY ways to design fitness plans that will allow you to develop the Lean & Lovely body you’re after.

Here’s how it works: with Progressive ProgrammingTM, you’re actually splitting up your plan into specific blocks of time. Each one of these block will focus on a different aspect of you overall fitness.

Now, you can see how that is AUTOMATICALLY superior to most fitness plans that focus on just ONE thing. With Lean & Lovely, you’re focusing on several, just one at a time.

But that’s not all. You see, to go even further and make your results even better, Lean & Lovely in a way which allows the qualities you develop to build upon one another, creating a system where each period is more effective because of the ones that came before!

Lean & Lovely is as complete 12-week program, divided into 3 phases, each lasting 4 weeks long.

And THAT makes Lean & Lovely stand out: every phase builds on the phase that came before it, allowing you to make progress each and every week.

No more plateaus. No more back-and-forth. No more two-steps-forward-one-step-back. No more losing weight just to re-gain it.

Instead, just a direct path to your permanent Lean & Lovely body.

Unbelievable TRUTH# 3:
Many of the “Best” Fitness Plans ARE NOT Realistic

I would never try to tell you that there aren’t good programs out there. Of course they are. But, one of the BIG problems I’ve found is that they are IMPOSSIBLE to follow in the real world.

Even if a program follows all the “rules” -it has smart training, fast and effective workouts, and may even offer some keep progressing. EVEN if that’s the case…seemingly NONE of the programs are actually feasible for most women. And trust me, I have looked at A LOT of them.

Sure, they look good on paper, but the don’t really work in the reality.

Firstly, most of the require you to join a gym. Sure, they might say they don’t, but often they do. Unless you happen to have two barbells with full sets of Olympic plates, a squat rack, some benches, and a full line of dumbbells laying around your house.

You don’t? Well, then you should join a gym if you want to do one of those programs. And that’s fine!

I have nothing against gyms. I’m just well aware of what you find in gyms: people! I also have nothing against people, but they DO tend to mess up your workouts.

Tell me if this is a familiar scenario…

You’re trying to do a fat loss workout you read about. It looks awesome: there are workouts made up of fast-paced circuits, interesting exercises, and even a few new moves that you want to try.

In a perfect world, you would go to the gym and have an amazing workout. But we don’t live in a perfect world. We live in the real one.

And when you go to a real gym filled with real people, they’re also trying to have a great workout. If you’re using a typical fat loss program, that’s a huge problem.

Like I said, most of those programs require a gym. And they have workouts that are great on paper. But they’re not written for YOUR gym. Or any gym. They’re just workouts that look good on paper.

So what happens? Well, this awesome workout of yours requires you to move from exercise to exercise, station to station. Four or five stations in a row.

Perfect world, no problem. Real world, doesn’t work.

Invariably, you’re going to wind up needing two pieces of equipment that are NOWHERE near each other. That is just the beginning of the issue.

You finish your set, put down your dumbbells, and rush over to the other area where your next exercise is. But when you get there, someone is using it. So you wait for them to finish. (Hopefully they’re not texting between sets.) You manage to get your set done, maybe finish the other few exercises.

When you finally get back to your first station…you find that someone else is not only using your bench and dumbbells, they’re glaring at you for “not cleaning up your mess.”

That’s what trying to do a typical fat loss program is like in a commercial gym, or even a smaller facility. So much for those fast paced circuits and short rest periods that burn all that fat!

Good luck trying to save your equipment…

Instead, you wind up making up the workouts on your own, because you’re replacing things anytime something isn’t free. Or, you’re standing around waiting half the night, and your “30 minute fat blasting workout” turns into a 90-minute marathon that crawls.

The fact is, a lot of those training programs ARE good…as long as you train in an empty gym in the middle of the day. Or the middle of the night.

If you’re like the rest of us and have one of those pesky jobs, you have to go to the gym the same time as everyone else. And that can render those programs useless.

Instead of following this “amazing” program as it’s written, every single time you set foot in the gym you’re changing things and switching things and just plain making things up, trying your best to do a SORT OF version of the workout.

Not exactly a dream scenario. And NOT one that’s going to help you burn fat, and get the results you want.

I know what it’s like, because I’ve been there. It’s frustrating, and it is NOT effective. So I’ve made sure that Lean & Lovely solves that program.

Here’s how…

· Firstly, Lean & Lovely DOES NOT require a gym. In fact, 90% of my Lean & Lovely ladies train in their own homes.

· This is possible because of the equipment! L&L focuses on KETTLEBELL TRAINING.

· In addition to being superior for fat loss than just about any tool out there, KBs are convenient, and versatile…

· IN FACT, it’s very, very easy to complete an entire Lean & Lovely workout using just ONE kettlebell. Just ONE.

Think about that: you can do an entire fat burning workout with just one single piece of equipment. This solves everything.

Now, you can certainly train at home. Or in the park, or on the beach, or anywhere else you want. But if you DO train in a gym, you can get in and out in 20-30 minutes because you don’t have to run around. Just stay in ONE place with your ONE kettlebell and get the best workout ever.

THAT is the Lean & Lovely difference.

But there’s so much more: remember, Lean & Lovely Is NOT just a book…
It’s a COMPLETE fitness & lifestyle transformation kit …

Remember, the purpose for which L&L was created is actually much bigger than just looking better: it’s intended to help women completely transform their bodies, mindset, and lifestyle.

Over the years, Neghar has helped thousands of women do so, and with Lean & Lovely, she’s hoping to help thousands more.

Which is why, to celebrate the release, Neghar is offering the entire Lean & Lovely system for over 50% OFF.

Here’s what I want you to understand L&L is a great fitness program: it’s got a dedicated 3-phase program, consisting of 12 weeks of awesome fat-burning workouts; it’s also got over 2 dozen “bonus” workouts you can do anytime; not to mention a slew of instructional videos to teach you proper form.

As mentioned, Lean & Lovely focuses on kettlebell training; which, in addition to being great for everything we’ve talked about, is simply one of THE BEST ways to burn fat, period.

But Neghar doesn’t want to stop with kettlebells. She knows that if you combine metabolic fat burning training with something else…it becomes even better.

…which is why Neghar is also offering Lean & Lovely YOGA, which will ensure that you move better, recover faster, and make better progress in less time.

L&L Yoga is a complete series of VIDEOS, so Neghar is right there with you, walking you through her exclusive, fat-burning, injury healing, body-shaping yoga flows.

Whether you want to follow along on your laptop, tablet, or even your phone, you can literally do these yoga flows ANYWAY.

And, to make SURE everyone can use this, Neghar has included various flows for all levels of skill: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. So whether you’re a long time yogi or someone getting on the mat for the first time, you’ll absolutely have something to help you on your way.

Sale Ends Tonight ==>> This Lean & Lovely Yoga bonus is more than worth the price of the entire L&L system by itself. In fact, it will be released as a standalone series at some point in the next year.

But when you grab Lean & Lovely during the launch this week (which ends tonight at MIDNIGHT), L&L Yoga is Neghar’s gift to you.

And keep in mind, that’s ON TOP of the fact that Lean & Lovely is already on sale for more than 50% off.

Without question, this is an amazing deal-on not one, but TWO amazing programs-from one of the top trainers in the industry.

All of which is to say this: whether you want to lose fat, or are training to gain strength, or are looking for way to transform your mindset, Neghar can help you. Lean & Lovely can help you

Because it SOLVES the three major problems that SO many programs have.

It’s one of the best programs I’ve seen in a long, long time, and I absolutely can’t wait to hear about your success with it. It is absolutely going to change minds and bodies.

(L&L Yoga) is only around till TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT. After that, the Yoga bonus goes away, and the price doubles.

DO NOT miss out.

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3 Ways Yoga Ignites Crazy Fat Burning

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When it comes to fat loss, research has shown over and over again that fast, metabolic workouts are the best way to ignite crazy fat burning and take your fitness to the next level. Working faster (not longer) and taking super short breaks will help create a massive metabolic disturbance, putting you on the fast track to fat loss.

Even better, performing these metabolic resistance workouts with equipment that allows you to move from exercise to exercise quickly increases their effectiveness. Like said, taking super short breaks is integral to igniting fat loss, as it’s what’s going to really ramp up your metabolism.

That’s actually why I like kettlebells so much for fat loss, and have been excitedly raving about Neghar Fonooni’s Lean & Lovely program this week.

Neghar is a world-renowned kettlebell and fat loss expert, and is Queen of the Kettlebell Quickie—fast and effective workouts that are designed to help you blast fat even when time is limited.

Neghar uses these intense, total-body metabolic workouts to help clients all over the world shed insane amounts of fat and develop Lean & Lovely bodies. She uses kettlebells so often with clients because they require absolutely no set up—just grab and go! Which means that when it comes to getting metabolic and taking minimal breaks, kettlebells reign supreme.

This type of total-body metabolic training should be the foundation of what you do in the gym. It will make sure that you are simultaneously building strength, developing lean shapely muscle, and of course blasting fat like crazy. It’s the most efficient and effective way to get fit, as it combines everything you need into one workout—saving you time without costing you results.

But again, what makes these workouts so effective is how intense they are. Because they are so completely challenging, you simply cannot expect to do these workouts every day. You need time in between workouts to recover and regenerate, ensuring that you can come back to every workout fresh and ready to crush.

I highly caution you against taking a “balls to the wall” approach every single day, as you’ll find that it actually stalls your fat loss goals rather than supercharging them.

Don’t get me wrong, though, I’m not suggesting that you remain sedentary—quite the contrary!

The more you move, the more you’ll be able to tackle your fat loss goals and increase your metabolism. You don’t want to be lazy on your non-gym days and you want to feel as though you’re doing as much as you can to develop and maintain your physique.

And that is why it’s vitally important to make sure that you stay active on your off days, when you aren’t doing metabolic fat loss workouts.

Most people naturally assume they should be doing cardio on their off days to encourage fat loss, which is actually not the most effective choice. In fact, the absolute best option is something you might not expect: YOGA.

Yup, yoga! I know, you’ve probably never considered yoga as a fat-burning tool. You might think that yoga is lame or isn’t really effective for building lean muscle or losing fat—but I want you to think again.

Yoga isn’t just stretching, and it isn’t always slow. It can be challenging and fast paced, and can even help burn a ton of calories. You’ll challenge your body in far different ways than you would at the gym, and it’s that kind of diversity of movement that will really help take your fat loss attempts to the next level.

Yoga is, without a doubt, the perfect way to add low-impact, high-yield exercise into your routine on days when you aren’t hitting the gym. It’ll help you to recover from intense, metabolic resistance workouts, and won’t steal from the energy necessary to crush it at the gym.

Today, I want to share with you three surprising reasons why you should do yoga on your off days, and how doing so will help ignite crazy fat loss.


Vinyasa yoga (or flow yoga) is a total body, power based type of yoga practice. This means that you’ll be moving from one pose to the next, using your own bodyweight as resistance. You’ll flow from standing poses to inversions, arm balances, and core focused movements.

In a Vinyasa yoga practice, you’ll use your legs as a base, often attempting one-leg poses, and engage your glutes for stability. You’ll strengthen and sculpt your shoulders through inverted poses and plank poses, and you’ll engage your core THE ENTIRE TIME. With Vinyasa, you are constantly moving, and constantly using your entire body.

While these flows are incredibly challenging, they’re also incredibly low impact. This means that even when you aren’t crushing you metabolic workouts, you can use your entire body to tackle fat loss without overtraining.


Unfortunately, when I tell people to take days off from the gym, they end up forgoing movement altogether on those days—often sitting at a desk for 8 hours before coming home to sit on the couch for 5 more.

“Off-days” become sedentary days, and they end sore as hell when they get back to the gym. Obviously this soreness impedes the ability to move freely, which in turn reduces the effectiveness of your metabolic resistance workouts.

If sore muscles keep you from feeling like you can move, how can you be expected to really work hard during your fat loss circuits? Remember, you’re going to be doing intense, total body metabolic circuits—if any part of your body is inhibited, it’ll affect how much you’re able to put into and get out of your workouts.

Not to mention that when you feel this extreme soreness, you’re really unlikely to stay consistent with your workouts, and as we all know, consistency is the key to fat loss. If soreness forces you to skip a bunch of workouts, you’re not going to stay on track and you won’t see results.

When your muscles are sore after a challenging weight training workout, what they really need isn’t dormancy—it’s blood flow. That’s why it’s important to incorporate active recovery on your off days, encouraging blood flow to broken down muscle tissue.

Yoga is the perfect form of active recovery because it’s low impact, total body, and works on flexibility and mobility—all in one.

Practicing yoga on your off days will help you train harder on gym days by improving blood flow through active recovery and diminishing delayed onset muscle soreness.


Metabolic resistance training, as discussed, is the surest way to blast fat and simultaneously gain strength and lean muscle. But strength training can also make muscles tight, and without focused flexibility your body can begin to move inefficiently due to limited range of motion.

When your body moves freely, you will actually be able to recruit more muscles, increasing power output—which means more fat loss. The more you can incorporate your entire body through movement, the more your metabolism will benefit as a result.

But honestly, who has time to stretch?! Stretching is boring, and most of us would rather spend our time hitting the weights and getting our sweat on.

Even if you do make time for stretching though, if done incorrectly stretching can actually prove useless. Which means that time that you’re setting aside for stretching is actually a complete waste of time.

Yoga will naturally stretch your muscles and mobilize your joints by flowing through a variety of poses. Plus, you get to do so while also doing some pretty fun and challenging things with your body. With this increased mobility, your body will be able to move more efficiently, ensuring that when you lift weights you’ll actually recruit more muscles and burn more fat while you’re at it.

I know what you’re thinking though: who has time for yoga?

Classes are typically 60-90 minutes in length, and when you factor in travel time, plus set-up time at the studio, that can add up to 3 hours out of your day! Most of us have jobs, kids, family obligations, and errands to run. It’s hard enough to find time to get to the gym!

Truth be told, time is our only non-renewable resource, and I believe in protecting it and using it wisely. That’s why I encourage fast, metabolic workouts, and why I think Lean & Lovely is such a great program—it saves time, which is precious indeed.

Yoga is HUGELY important to not only fat loss, but to a well-balance lifestyle, but not if it’s eating up your entire day. Yoga should be accessible and attainable to EVERYONE, so that just about anyone can reap its many benefits.

Yoga will supercharge your fat loss efforts and enrich your lifestyle, and I don’t want you to miss out on it because of time. I don’t want lack of time to ever be a reason for not doing something that is going to so deeply enhance your life.

That’s why I’m so excited to share with you a special bonus for anyone who picks up Lean & Lovely this week: Lean & Lovely YOGA! (<<< But you have to grab it this week, and you won’t find these yoga flows ANYWHERE ELSE!)

With Lean & Lovely you already get 12 weeks of intense fat-burning metabolic workouts, 100 pages of nutritional guidance, fat-burning recipes, and 25 bonus sweat sessions—and now you’re getting yoga, too! I know, it seems to good to be true, but it’s a fact.

As a bonus to the already amazing, fat-burning, life-changing Lean & Lovely program, Neghar is including some pretty incredible follow-along yoga flows to help you take your fat loss to the next level. With these flows you’ll get the total body movement, flexibility, and recovery benefits I mentioned, plus the satisfaction that you CAN find time for yoga.

That’s because Lean & Lovely Yoga flows are done in just 20 minutes. Seriously, TWENTY MINUTES. Now, that doesn’t mean they’re easier or less effective than longer yoga session, it just means they’re efficiently designed and can easily fit into your life. They’re fast paced and specifically designed to help you lose fat without wasting time.

Even people who have never tried yoga before, or are apprehensive about whether or not yoga is “for them” have fallen in love with these flows. Neghar’s style of yoga is specifically designed for gym-goers, and can convert even the most skeptical person into a yoga-loving lifter!

No matter where you are in your yoga practice, these flows will benefit you exponentially. Whether you’ve never done yoga before, or are an advanced yogi, you’ll get a lot of use out of these follow-along videos. And honestly, at just 20 minutes a day, can you afford not to include yoga into your life?

Can you afford not to invest in your Lean & Lovely body with metabolic workouts, nutritional guidance, AND yoga? I mean this program is the total package! And this week only, this comprehensive transformation program is on sale for 50% off the retail price—that means on Friday at midnight, Lean & Lovely goes back up to it’s normal price.

Not to mention that these yoga flows cannot be purchased anywhere else. Neghar has been teasing us for months with talk of a full Yoga DVD, but that project is still easily 6 months in the future. Right now, the ONLY way to benefit from Neghar’s unique and effective yoga style is through Lean & Lovely. Which is why I want you to act now, and take the first step towards creating your Lean & Lovely body.

What’s stopping you from investing in yourself? What’s keeping you from doing everything you can to make your fat loss goals happen NOW? I don’t want you to wait one more day. I want you to start becoming the strongest, leanest, happiest version of you, and it all starts with the Lean & Lovely program.


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How WOMEN can lose fat and define curves with just ONE tool

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Let’s just get something straight: when it comes to losing fat, there is no one “right” way to do it. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a best way.
Sure, you can use a myriad of equipment–barbells, dumbbells, or even your own bodyweight–and they all have merit. They’re all “good.” They all get the job done.

But when it comes to training specifically for women’s fat loss, there’s one tool that trumps them all: the kettlebell.

I’m not trying to be hype-y, I just recognize facts.

And the fact is, kettlebells are NUMBER ONE on the list of things I recommend for women looking to lose fat. Every. Single. Time.

Why are kettlebells are so great for women?

I’ve worked with thousands of women who want to burn fat, build shapely curves, and take their fitness to the next level.

Just like you, these women want the best possible fat loss workouts, and they’re looking to save time. Because just like you, they have jobs, or families, or active social lives–usually all three.

For those reasons, I consistently recommend kettlebells. Let’s look at the TOP THREE reasons why…

3 Reasons Kettlebells Are My Number ONE
Tool For Female Fat Loss

1) Incredible Convenience

Hopefully you know by now that rather than spend hours in the gym, it’s possible to get an awesome, fat-blasting, full body workout in less time than it takes to actually drive to the gym.

Kettlebells make that even better; they engage the entire body in a unique way, so lack of time is no issue. A great KB workout can take little as 10-20 minutes. Seriously!

It’s pretty incredible what you can do with just one kettlebell (as you’ll see in the beginner workout below). ONE moderately sized kettlebell is all you need to achieve an effective, total body, fat-burning workout.

Plus, they’re so easy to keep at home and store out of sight when not in use. Because so many of my clients like to do fast, convenient workouts right at home, that’s a huge benefit!

2) Instant Full Body Workouts

A lot of the workouts I send you fall under the category of “metabolic resistance training.” The reason for this is that that (according to nearly a dozen studies), MRT is THE most effective fat loss training methodology.

With kettlebells, MRT goes to the next level, because all of the most important KB exercises are dynamic and multi-joint, allowing for total recruitment of the body.

I spoke to my friend, Neghar Fonooni (RKC II, author of the Lean & Lovely training system, and one of the top female kettlebell experts in the world), and asked her to explain. Here’s what she said:

“What’s especially unique to the kettlebell is its handle, which creates an offset center of gravity. This makes it ideal for dynamic movements like swings and snatches, and causes your stabilizing muscles to have to work over time.”

Take an exercise like the kettlebell swing, for example: With just one move you’re working your glutes, quads, abs, lats, and shoulders, all while burning fat and revving your metabolism.

Kettlebell training combines stability, flexibility, strength, and cardio ALL AT ONCE, allowing you to simultaneously build muscle and burn body fat.

Because you can get so much out of each KB exercise, there’s built in efficiency; so you get amazing benefits with fewer exercises and in less time than with other workouts. And, in most cases, BETTER results.

Talk about a Triple Threat!

3) Automatically Geared Towards Women’s “Trouble Spots”

This is my personal favorite, which is why I’ve saved it for last. Very simply put, training with kettlebells helps you work on a lot of the “trouble spots” that so many of my female clients struggle with.

Kettlebell training works your hips, hamstrings, butt, and upper back. And doing that–as long as you do it the right way–will develop those areas and make them look shapely and sexy, rather than soft, or overdeveloped.

Earlier, I mentioned the swing, which is probably the most common of all KB exercises. For good reason: it’s one of the most effective. Not only is it highly metabolic, it’s also one of the BEST ways to train the glutes and hamstrings–leading to a high, round, shapely butt sitting on top of firm, tight legs.

PLUS, when you perform exercises like that, your shoulders, back, and arms are constantly working without overworking; the result is pretty great. As an example, here’s a picture of my friend Neghar (the kettlebell expert I mentioned) that shows how great her back looks.

Now, you’ll notice two things. First, that her upper back looks amaaaaaaazing. And second, that she’s wearing a gorgeous wedding dress.

I decided to share THIS particular picture with you to drive home a very real point: training with kettlebells will help you burn fat and build lean, sexy curves–but you’ll develop a body that is undeniably feminine. A body that look as good in a wedding gown as it does in gym clothes!

And that’s something I think we can all get behind.

Kettlebells and YOU

You can see why I love kettlebells so much, especially when it comes to women’s fat loss. Really, there’s NO other tool that offers so much at once. You get the best results with the least equipment and the least time spent.

But that ONLY happens if you’re using kettlebells the right way. As awesome as they are, they’re not magic! Ya can’t just pick up a kettlebell, start swingin’ it around, and expect to see results.

Instead, you need to use proper form in combination with a great training program; one written by a coach who really knows what they’re doing.

Even better, you want to use a kettlebell program specifically designed for women to lose fat, build strength, and improve their overall fitness.

And today, I want to give you EXACTLY that.

Twice now I’ve mentioned my friend Neghar Fonooni, one of the top experts IN THE WORLD when it comes to using kettlebells for women’s fitness and fat loss. During her 13+ years in the industry, Neghar has helped thousands of every day women lose fat and reveal amazing bodies.

As a busy mom and a busy entrepreneur, Neghar understands the unique challenges that women face, because she’s been there. She also understands the specific physiological and hormonal considerations that come along with getting women into shape.

So when I tell you Neghar is one of my top sources when it comes to female fat loss, you can see why. And when it comes to using kettlebells for female fat loss, she is number ONE, no contest.

All of which makes me super excited to tell you about Neghar’s brand new program, Lean & Lovely. As you might expect, it is a complete body transformation system and fat loss program,specifically for women, and featuring those awesome kettlebells we talked about as the primary tool.

Lean & Lovely is so much different than any other fat loss system I’ve come across, and that’s one of the many things that makes it so amazing.

In addition to the 12 weeks of awesome workouts, the video demonstrations of proper form, the bonus workouts you can do anywhere, and the top-notch nutrition info, L&L also touches on themindset aspect of fitness. And this is something most programs avoid.

With Lean & Lovely, you’re not just getting a training program. You’re learning how to train for YOUR body. You’re not just getting a “diet” – you’re learning to lose fat without dieting.

And, it’s written by one of the top female coaches in the world, so you can be SURE the workouts are going to help you blast fat in NO time.

PLUS, you’re going to make consistent progress–no more back and forth nonsense: the design ofLean & Lovely ensures that you’re moving unfailingly towards your goals, and NEVER plateauing.

Let me tell you right now that A LOT of programs cross my desk each month, and I have never seen anything quite like this. I know it’s going to change a lot of bodies and lives, and I want to help make that happen.

So does Neghar.

Which is why she’s offering Lean & Lovely for a HUGE, 50% discount to celebrate its release.

That’s right: for this week (and this week ONLY), Neghar’s brand new, amazingly effective, incredibly unique L&L body transformation system is on sale for HALF PRICE.

Obviously, I think very highly of Lean & Lovely, and Neghar herself. And as you already know, I love kettlebells.

Which is why I think this is an absolute NO brainer: you’re getting a whole training program using the ONE tool I constantly recommend for women’s fat loss, written by one of the TOP coaches in the world…

…and you’re getting it for less than 50%.

I can’t think of a better “perfect storm” of conditions for you! This is literally everything you’ve been waiting for, and I’m just happy I get to be the one to tell you about it!

And just to give you a taste of how truly awesome Lean & Lovely style kettlebell training is, Neghar has been kind enough to send over an incredible sample workout, just for you!

Check this out, and get ready to fall in love with L&L training…

BOOM! Quick, fun, and effective: a complete, full body fat burning workout in 15-20 minutes, and with just ONE kettlebell!

The best part is the built in modification: to make it more challenging, just go on the higher side of the recommended reps and sets; to dial it down, stay on the lower side.

You’re going to LOVE it.

When you try the workout, you’ll see why I absolutely recommend that you grab Lean & Lovelyduring the 50% off launch sale this week. It gets my highest endorsement, just like Neghar.

So if you’re really ready to burn fat, build lean, sexy curves, and change every aspect of your fitness, DO NOT miss out on this.

==> The BEST Kettlebell Fat Loss Program for Women < -- L&L for 50% off Lean & Lovely is on sale for less than HALF PRICE, but only until Friday at midnight. (Neghar also just announced a new bonus, so you should check out the site for info on that!) In the meantime, DEFINITELY let me know how you liked the workout!

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Fitness Atlantic Trainers

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The Better Cardio Alternative

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Can you build some respectable muscle mass
by “heavy training”?

Of course you can…

However — everyone eventually hits “The Ceiling”.

And when you hit that ceiling — heavy weights just

don’t give you any results any more.

Plus — the wear and tear on joints is brual.

So many legends of the sports can barely move

now because of they just trained heavy and never

did anything else.

Dorian Yates ripped 3 muscle groups and was forced to retire.

Is there a better way?

Is there actually a NEW way to train where you can build muscle

(and get lean, cut and ripped) by stressing the muscles in a



There’s a totally new training system that’s really creating “shock waves”

in the industry right now. Check it out because it’s exactly what the doctor


You can expect a REALLY quick burst of muscle growth while dropping

3% to 5% bodyfat simultaneously. That’s what normally happens.

P.S. This new system uses the same principles that creates the most muscular ripped athletes on the planet. I think you’re going to do dig it: Learn more here

P.P.S. Check out the funny “Musclehedz” cartoon on the letter – go here and see.

It really captures what I’m saying here.

Get M.E.T. Training

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Nick Nilsson (aka the Mad Scientist of Muscle) did something crazy

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In honor of “Cyber Monday,” Nick Nilsson (aka the Mad Scientist of Muscle) has decided,
spur on the moment, to do something crazy that he hasn’t done in a LONG time and will likely
NEVER do again.

…and that’s put a package of ALL twelve of his books on sale for an INSANELY low price.

REGULAR PRICE TOTAL for all twelve of his books: $351.45

Yours right now for just $97…(click here to buy now)

He has told me that this price WILL go away Tuesday, Nov 27th at midnight CST…no extensions.

Here’s the list (and it includes ALL the bonuses and add-on, extra cost program options –
he’s included EVERYTHING from EVERY book, so the true value is actually a LOT greater).

I’ve listed the books and their regular prices below…

You can also learn more about each of the books by clicking here

Mad Scientist Muscle – Reg $47.00
Metabolic Surge – Rapid Fat Loss – Reg. $69.95
Muscle Explosion – 28 Days to Maximum Mass – Reg. $39.95
Gluteus to the Maximus – Build a Bigger Butt Now! – Reg. $39.95
Hybrid Training – Reg. $24.95
Specialization Training – Reg. $9.95
The Best Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of – Reg. $19.95
The Best Abdominal Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of – Reg. $19.95
The Best Arm Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of – Reg. $19.95
The Best Chest Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of – Reg. $19.95
The Best Back Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of – Reg. $19.95
(New!) The Best Shoulder Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of – Reg. $19.95

Nothing more to say…even if you have one or more of his books already, this is a
RIDICULOUSLY good deal and you’ll be getting your money’s worth for sure.

Click here to buy Nick’s twelve book package now for just $97…

And remember, this price will TRIPLE at midnight tomorrow (Central Standard Time).

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Pros and Cons of Carb Intake

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Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to spend quality time around a lot of people that have competed in fitness modeling or bodybuilding competitions.

These are people whose JOB it is to get and stay at single-digit bodyfat levels. 

I’ve noticed one thing in particular that everyone of these physique competitors have in common… 

They ALL use carbohydrate “manipulation” as one of the main nutrition factors that they focus on to get seriously lean. Carb manipulation simply means cycling carbs strategically on a daily or weekly basis.

And there’s absolutely no reason you can’t do the same exact thing too!

But first, you need to realize that carbs are not necessarily the enemy all the time. In fact, they can actually be your best fat burning friends – IF you use them strategically.

So if you really want to control fat loss once and for all and learn how it’s possible for you to “mimic” the fitness pros who sport a six pack abs and super models who keep their tummies flat, it’s crucial for you to understand the pros and cons of carb intake.

Trust me, it can be a love-hate relationship.

The Pros of Carbs

Carbs are muscle sparing. In other words, they preserve and prevent the breakdown of lean calorie burning muscle tissue.
They provide energy to the brain and the body.
They help spark our metabolism and keep it elevated to prevent metabolic slowdown and keep fat-burning hormones at optimal levels.
They fuel vitally important metabolic processes in the body that can help us exercise harder and recover faster.
They stimulate insulin, which leads to a very anabolic/muscle building environment (this is kind of a catch 22 as you’ll read in a second).

The Cons of Carbs

Carbs spike insulin levels and elevate blood sugar. It’s almost impossible to burn body fat in the presence of high insulin levels. (hence – the catch 22 above)
Consuming too many carbs over lengthy periods of time can lead to a lot of fat spillover (see chart below), which leads to excess fat storage. Think obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc.
Carbs (especially processed carbs) are the most abused nutrient from both a health and fat loss perspective.
Excess carb intake creates a lot of water retention, which leads to a soft look so it makes you look and feel bloated.
Processed carbs hide nasty fillers and chemicals that can potentially lead to severe health challenges. We call these obesity additives.

Additionally, grain-based processed carbs such as cereasl, breads, and most pastas contain “anti-nutrients” and gluten that can block fat-loss and potentially lead to various types of autoimmune diseases and internal inflammation. 

Now you can see why people think you can just cut out carbs to lose weight.

Obviously there’s a lot more to it because we need carbs to stay healthy and keep our metabolism happy and burning fat.

Additionally, low carb diets really only work for 5 to 7 days at a time before your thyroid and leptin levels react negatively to slow metabolic rate and suppress fat burning hormones.

Now you can see the crux of carb intake. It can be a double-edged sword.

That’s why you gotta get “sneaky” and cycle your carb intake to maximize both your health and long term fat-loss. And that exactly what my buddy Shaun Hadsall shows you how to do in his 4 Cycle Fat-Loss Carb Cycling System.

You’ll discover exactly how to eat LOTS of carbs and NEVER store them as fat with a brand new technique called Macro-Patterning™ and it’s pretty darn cool if I do say so myself.

In fact, it’s mandatory that you use high carb days and even your favorite cheat foods when using Shaun’s new system.

You’ll use your favorite carbs to:

1. Stimulate the hormones that control your body’s ability to burn off stubborn belly fat
2. PREVENT the metabolic slowdown that causes plateaus when trying to lose weight with a traditional “diet”.
3. Double the fat-burning effect EVERY time you exercise

That’s what makes Shaun’s 4 Cycles of Fat Loss unlike any other nutrition plan on the planet.

The end result? You RID “dieting” from your life forever and AVOID rebound weight gain once and for all.

Woohoo! NO MORE dieting!!

The weight-loss industry has needed a solution like this for years so it’s something that I HIGHLY recommend.

GRAB this system. You won’t regret it. And right now it’s HALF price to celebrate the official “release party” going on this week only.

But wait. If that’s not enough to get you off the fence, you also get instant access to Shaun’s 7 Day Ab “Targeted” Exercise bonus with your ½ price order.

This guide contains some BRAND new extremely powerful techniques that literally forces your body to release the hormones that “break apart” and release stubborn pockets of fat (and even cellulite) into the blood stream to burned off.

So you’ll visually see your belly get flatter in only 7 days. But in addition to that, Shaun shows you how you can combine this sequence with his 7 Day Carb Depletion Diet (Cycle 1 of the 4 Cycle Solution) to “see” your belly get significantly flatter.

All in only ONE short week.

Harness the power of carb cycling and Macro-Patterning™ to experience 7 days of your FASTEST fat-loss ever

Remember, the price doubles in just a few days and the *free* rapid-fat loss bonus disappears for good – so take action now.

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How eating MORE carbs can “reboot” your metabolism (new method)

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If you’ve ever dieted before, then there’s know doubt you’ve probably dealt with the pain and frustration that comes with trying to cut carbs and calories at the same exact time.

How do I know?

Because just like you and hundreds of thousands of other people, I’ve dealt with the SAME frustrations as you have for the last 14+ years of being a fitness professional.

I’m sure you’re probably very familiar with the painful list that comes with using the “traditional” dieting approach – just like I am:

Living in a huge calorie deficit and feeling hungry all the time.
Constantly feeling run down and carb depleted with zero energy.
Depriving yourself of your favorite carbs and all the foods you love to eat.
Missing out on all the fun stuff like social events, parties, and family gatherings.
Feeling restricted and inconvenienced with limiting food choices day after day after day.
A sluggish and slowing metabolism.
Suppressed fat burning hormones that block your body from burning fat.
Loss of strength and even precious calorie burning lean muscle tissue.
Unhealthy obsessions over food and constantly worrying about what you’re putting in your body.

Perhaps you’ve heard that in order to avoid all these painful consequences and lose belly fat you should just avoid carbs altogether and eat more like a caveman. Wrong.

Or maybe you’ve heard that you need to cut calories later in the evening and stop eating carbs late at night before bed. Wrong – AGAIN.

In fact, these are the EXACT opposite steps you should be taking in order to “reboot” your metabolism and keep your hormones “healthy”, happy, and burning belly fat.

And if you’ve ever tried to “diet” by cutting carbs and calories, research now shows there’s over a 90% change that your metabolism has been radically altered and damaged.

But not anymore.

That’s because my good friend Shaun Hadsall just released his brand new 4 Cycle Solution.

An eight week Step-by-Step carb cycling system that uses a brand new nutrition method called Macro-Patterning™, which shows you exactly how to overcome all this dieting nonsense and heal ANY damage you may have done from previous crash dieting.

In fact, when you use Macro-Patterning™ it’s easy to eat LOADS of carbs and NEVER store them as fat.

And in addition to the fact that Shaun is already discounting this new system at HALF off, he’s also throwing in Fast Start Video Lessons for anybody who orders today.

So through today (and today only) you’ll get the ENTIRE course, which includes a Quick Start Session AND all four proven Macro-Patterning™ Cycles on video. This has a real value of $300 and right now it’s yours 100% *FREE*.

Cycle 1 – The 7 Day Carb Depletion Diet: “Shut off” your body’s dependence on sugars and make belly fat your “go to” energy source to visually SEE your belly get flatter in just 7 short days.

Cycle 2 – The Macro-Patterning™ Cycle: Use LOTS of carbs to accelerate fat-loss and maintain a fat burning environment round the cock 24/7. No more plateaus. No more metabolic slowdown. No more suffering from traditional low carb trendy diets.

Cycle 3 – The Accelerated Fat-Loss Cycle: Because your body is super smart it can adapt very quickly. This is the first fat-loss cycle ever designed to overcome EVERY type of plateau of sticking point the body uses to stop you from losing weight so you STAY on the fat-loss fast track.

Cycle 4 – The “Diet Break”: By this point you’ll have overcame every type of adaptive response related to burning stubborn body fat. Now it’s time to put your fat-loss on cruise control by enjoying happy hour every Friday and even using all your favorite Cheat Foods through the weekend – WITHOUT suffering any rebound weight gain.

Shaun’s new 4 Cycle Fat-Loss Carb Cycling System is on sale this week only at HALF price to celebrate the “official” release. This program has already received a TON of national attention, so it’s proven to work like gangbusters.

If you pick up Shaun’s new program TODAY, you’ll also get the entire system (ALL 4 proven cycles) on video 100% FREE.

This is literally like your very own “mini” PhD on how to eat MORE carbs and NEVER get fat.

Now truth be told, almost everybody who tries to start ANY type of rapid fat-loss plan messes up their hormones, damages their metabolism, and literally forces their body to gain the weight right back.

But when you use this particular carb cycling approach based on the unique (and proprietary) Macro-Patterning™ nutrition method — you’ll see how simple it can be to finally get and keep a flat belly.

And don’t forget about the $300 Fast Action Video Lessons Bonus for anyone who grabs 4 Cycle Solution today.

So if you really want to “target” belly fat legitimately, WITHOUT old-school “dieting” or wreaking havoc on your metabolism, grab your HALF price copy of the 4 Cycle Solution right here:

==> HALF off 4 Cycle Solution Fat-Loss PLUS Fast Start Video Lessons *FREE*

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‘How To Get Published’ in fitness magazines released today

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People that get to know me realize that I’m always trying to promote my athletes.

I also try to teach them how to get into magazines but not just get a photo printed or even a cover.

I try to teach them how to have a career and become successful.

When I found out these guys were actually teaching it I got excited.

Yeah, the joke is we say magazine articles are all written by the same three people…

That’s partly true – these three guys are the go to guys.

Lou Schuler, Sean Hyson, and John Romaniello just announced the release of their new product, How to Get Published: Writing Domination in the Fitness Industry:

>>>How to get your work published in fitness

They’re offering $50 off on this comprehensive resource that shows you

how to improve your writing skills, build an audience, get the attention of magazine editors, create a revenue-generating business, and even achieve the ultimate recognition of your expertise: a published book.

You can get all the details here:

>>>How to get your work published in fitness

I’ve know Lou, Sean and Roman for several years now and I can personally tell you that they are the best in the industry whether you want to break through and finally get published in the magazines or you want to write profitably for your own blog.

Now you can save $50 off their complete blueprint for writing success by going here now:

>>>How to get your work published in fitness

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What is Your Ideal Body Proportion?

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Have you ever wondered how you can tell when something is out of proportion?

>>See what a true golden ratio looks like<< I'm sure you've seen a person who seems like their arms are just too short...or their legs are really short, or they have a long torso. Or their calves are too big for the rest of their body, or they've got too much shoulder and not enough chest, or too much chest and not enough back. You've seen it, you can spot it almost immediately, but how on earth do you know what is proportional or not? It seems that we've all got a built in proportion radar that is tuned to some sort of ideal proportion or physique. You know it when you see it, the perfect physique, and perfect proportions, and you certainly know it when you see someone out of this proportion. The big question is: how is this possible? It must be literally built into your DNA to recognize perfect proportions. Well I've recently interviewed John Barban the author of the Adonis Index System. And this is what he had to say when he was researching this phenomenon. "This concept was bugging me and for years. I was trying to figure out what this ideal proportion was and how on earth we were genetically built to recognize it. It led me into researching art, art history, sculpture, anthropometrics and anatomy, plastic surgery and even dentistry! What I found out was the human body seems to be built around a specific proportion that we recognize as ideal. This proportion is called the "Golden Ratio" and it's mathematical expression is 1:1.618. It recurs throughout nature in all forms of life and it seems to be consistent with what we find attractive to the eye, in nature, in art, in both plant and human life. In short this could easily be called the ratio of symmetry and beauty. This proportion applies to the length of your arms and legs compared to your body and total height, it even applies to the length of your hands and fingers, and even to the shape of the individual units of your DNA! Plastic surgeons use this ratio to reconstruct a face after people have suffered trauma from an accident, and dentists use this ratio to set people's teeth into perfect symmetry. In short the human body, your limbs, your hands, your fingers, your face and even your teeth are all proportioned to the golden ratio. And it is this ratio that we are expecting to see. So when you see someone who's arms seems a bit 'too short', now you know it's the golden ratio that is the barometer for knowing how far off they are. I took this concept a step further and applied the golden ratio to the classic V-taper of your body, namely your waist to your shoulders, and as it turns out the most ideal and perfectly proportioned body has a golden ratio from the waist to the shoulders. The most proportioned and muscular sculptures and athletes have a golden waist to shoulder ratio. >>See what a true golden ratio looks like<< This specific ratio is what we've all been looking for. It's what classic bodybuilders like Frank Zane and Steeve Reeves had, it's the proportions and symmetry that the current mass monster generation of bodybuilders has lost, and it's what I think most of us want to get back to. Once I realized this ratio was the key to the ideal proportioned physique I created a workout system to achieve this shape as quickly as possible. Getting to, and maintaining this 'golden proportion' is now my sole focus with my training and I'm guessing it's likely something you might want to look into for your body as well." John has explained to me that this ratio applies to all men at all heights and all shapes and sizes. It's true that we all converge to a similar shape and size when we are lean, muscular and in our best condition. Even pro bodybuilders all eventually converge to a similar shape and size on stage. Sure some are naturally bigger than others, but the general shape and size isn't THAT far off. The same thing goes for the rest of us who aren't necessarily interested in competing in bodybuilding but just want to build our best looking physique. The golden ratio is our best guide to an ideal proportioned physique. In these pictures you can what John looks like at his true golden ratio (and a somewhat embarrassing pic of what he looked like when he was trying to 'bulk up') >>See what a true golden ratio looks like<< Forget the scale and find out what your golden ratio is - John has the right idea.

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